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How to Choose the Right Beard Trimmer

A beard is the trademark sign of many men. In recent years, it has become a particularly popular part of styling; both for younger and older men. Consequently, the offer of trimmers on the market is growing. Are you wondering which are the best?

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The Best Foundation and Concealer for Your Skin Type

It is difficult to give a universal answer to the question of which is the best foundation and concealer. To achieve a radiant and even complexion, it is not enough to choose only a certain brand and color…

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Retinol – The King of Anti-Aging Cosmetics

The continuous growth of interest in anti-aging cosmetics has brought numerous findings of many ingredients that we have not heard of before. One of these powerful weapons in the fight against skin aging is retinol. What is retinol and how to use it? 

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Monthly Offer: Alexandar Cosmetics Discounted Products

Monthly offer – has been created with the aim your favorite beauty and care products become available at lower prices. The discounts of at least 20% for selected products are waiting for you in our online shop and stores.

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Hair Extensions Are Not a Big Deal

Hair Extensions are becoming more and more popular with each year. Everyone dreams of hair that may grow overnight, so the professional hair stylist designed this trick. We are giving little guidance which might be helpful to easily recognize the best hair extension.

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What Is a Derma Roller Used for

If you follow the latest trends in the world of cosmetics and take care of your appearance, you must have heard of derma rollers! Thanks to the Internet and social media, information on their efficiency expand rapidly. Let`s talk about them more closely.

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Bye Bye Fragile and Weak Nails

Weak nails which keep breaking easily are a problem a lot of women are coping with and a great number of men, too. The reasons are numerous, commencing with hereditary factors, low quality nutrition and the lack of care. Nowadays, there is a myriad of solutions.

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Makeup Brushes: What Are Different Types of Brushes Used for

Makeup brushes are considered as an inevitable tool for every makeup artist. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on a purpose they are used for. You may find it hard to figure out what kind of a brush to choose. 

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World Cat Day – All the More Reason to Dedicate Yourself to Them

They are intelligent, fun, endearing and curious. The legend says they have nine lives, and global statistics says that they are among the most numerous pets. Wild or tame, big or small, they are an indispensable part of our lives.

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