Every Hair Can Be Curly With a Perm

Many women who have straight hair would like to have curls. If you recognized yourself in the first sentence, it’s time for a perm. It is the only successful way to curly hair for a long period of time.


What is a mini-wave

Perm or permanent waving is a professional hairdressing technique that changes the natural look of hair. This way of styling was extremely popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s of the last century when both women and men “permed” their hair. Given that fashion and fashion trends are constantly changing and returning, it is not at all surprising that hair curls are becoming more popular again.

Perm systems
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Advantages of a perm:

  • Lushes hair and extra volume;
  • Youthful appearance;
  • Appearance change;
  • A hairstyle that suits everyone’s style and every occasion;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Always ready hairstyle…


Permed hair is not a simple technique and therefore, for this treatment, you should consult a professional hairdresser. Before you decide on this step, it is important to be well informed and thoroughly acquainted with this hair styling technique. If you still want to make a perm at home, you will need the “help of a friend”, i.e. skilled and patient person.


How to make a perm

The procedure of permanent hair waving requires the use of products with chemical ingredients (usually acids) and cold-wave accessories. Regardless of the fact that chemicals are used for this technique, there is no reason to worry. Products used today for perms are not harmful to hair, as those used 30-40 years ago. In addition, with proper hair care, you will avoid damaging and drying it.

The perm hairstyling technique can be divided into several steps. How long the procedure will last depends on many factors: the length and thickness of the hair, whether you want mild waves or clearly defined curls, as well as the skill and speed of the person who does the work of a hairdresser.

Curly hair with perm system
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1. Preparing hair for a perm

Perm is done on damp, towel-dried hair. Before the treatment, it is desirable to thoroughly wash your hair, with specially created shampoos for that purpose. In this way, the end result is accelerated, because washing washes away excess chemicals and impurities that remain in the hair and scalp every day. Our recommendation is Insight Intech sulfate-free shampoo for deep hair washing, which accelerates the opening of the hair cuticle and thus prepares the hair for further treatment. The product is enriched with organic extracts of St. John’s wort and hawthorn, it does not contain sulfates, mineral oils, parabens, silicone and artificial colors.


2. The size of the curler defines the look of the curls

You will also need curlers for the perm. Choose the size depending on whether you want thinner or wider and more relaxed curls. Twist all strands of hair with the curlers. This is followed by the procedure of applying acid, which is crucial for obtaining long-lasting curls.


Hair in perming
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3. Proper acid selection for the perm is extremely important

The Insight Intech collection of perm products meets all the needs of modern women. The new perm acids are enriched with active ingredients that protect and nourish the hair during the treatment and do not disturb its natural pH value. Which acid you use depends on your hair type and whether you want light waves or firm curls.

Apply the acid first on the fixing sponge, and then evenly soak each strand that is wound on the curler with it. Cover the whole hair, curled with curlers, a perm cap, and leave the acid to act. The holding time is indicated on the instructions of each individual product, and it depends on the acid you use, your type of hair, and the effect you want to achieve.


4. The use of neutralizers is mandatory

After that, it is necessary to rinse the acid with lukewarm water, and apply the perm neutralizer to each strand that is curled on the curler. This product is intended for fixing perms and fixing the obtained shape of curls. After the neutralizer has rested (about 10 minutes), gently remove the curlers, without pulling, so that the lock of hair does not straighten. Then apply the neutralizer on your hair again to act for a few minutes. Then rinse the product thoroughly from the hair with water.

Our recommendation is to then use a hair conditioner, to make combing easier and to further protect the hair. Finally, blow-dry your hair using a hairdryer with a diffuser and your hair transformation is complete.

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Additional tips

Hairdressers advise not to wash your hair for the next two days (48 hours), so that the curls do not relax, and all the effort to achieve curly hair was in vain.

Also, if you dye your hair, take care of the coloring date. The general recommendation is to color only two or three weeks after applying the mini-wave treatment. If you do it sooner, there is a possibility that, due to the use of acid, the hair color will fade quickly.

Hair on which a perm was done requires special treatment. You need to get the appropriate accessories for combing (preferably a wide-tooth comb), as well as adequate products for care and styling. How to properly care for hair after a perm? – About that in one of the next posts.

The perm effect lasts for about six months. If you are not sure how your curly hair looks and whether you will like it, our advice is to try the curler for afro curls first.

Curly hair
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Finally, it is important to say that the perm is not intended only for people who have naturally straight hair. This treatment is also used by many women with wavy or curly hair, in order to properly define the appearance of their curls.

Write us what your hair is like and if you would like to change it. Have you ever done a perm? We would like you to share your experiences with us.

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