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Dear customers,

In case of any problems related to the functioning of electrical devices, it is necessary to stop using the device immediately and to report the problem to the seller and act according to the instructions given.

Our customer assistance can be contacted every workday from 8AM to 8PM through the following phone number: +38121455558 +38121455558.

The legal consumer rights are regulated by Consumer Protection Law (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia no. 62/2014 and 6/2016).

A consumer is an individual who obtains goods or services from the market, for purposes which are not of business or any commercial nature (Act 5, paragraph 1, item 2 of the Consumer Protection Law). All customers who use the device for business purposes or other commercial activities are not considered consumers and are not subject to the Consumer Protection Law.

The conformity responsibility period is 24 months from the date of purchase.

This 24 month period is valid only for consumers who use the electrical device for purposes which are not business related or commercial.

The customers who are not subject to the Consumer Protection Law are granted a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

Procedure in case of electrical device non conformity:

In case of non conformity, it is necessary to contact the seller from whom the product was purchased, with the purchased product and proof of purchase. The employee in charge of reclamation will conduct the procedure of claim processing, in accordance with the legally established procedure. The seller is obligated to respond to the buyer’s claim within, and not after, 8 (eight) days after the claim reception, in written or electronic form. The seller’s reply must contain the decision whether the claim has been accepted, the comment on the consumer’s request and a concrete suggestion and deadline for the claim resolution. The deadline must be within 15 days or 30 days for technical goods and furniture, from the date the claim was originally filed. If the seller is not able to resolve the claim to customer’s satisfaction, the seller is obligated to inform the consumer about the extension of the resolution deadline and ask for consumer’s approval of such extension. This entire procedure must be documented in the received claim report. Claim resolution deadline may be extended just once.
The goods conform to the contract in the following situations:

If the goods match the description given by the seller and if the goods bear characteristics the seller has presented to the consumer as a sample or model;
If the goods possess qualities necessary for the purpose the consumer obtains it for, of which the seller was aware of in the time of contract conclusion.
If the goods possess qualities necessary for its regular use in the same manner as similar types of goods are used;
If the goods match the standards of goods of the same type, which the consumer can expect from this type of goods, based on its nature and the public claims regarding special features of the goods presented by the seller, manufacturer or their representatives, especially if the promise was given through advertisements or on the label of the goods in question.
Responsibility for conformance is not valid in the following cases:

If the buyer did not follow the technical instructions related to the use and maintenance of the device.
If the authorized service has determined that the buyer has handled the device inadequately, unprofessionally or carelessly.
If the product has been serviced by an unauthorized individual.
In case of damage caused by electrical shock, lightning strike, natural disasters and similar occurrences.
The claim right does not apply to graphite brushes, bearings, lamps-bulbs, blades, batteries, cables and all other consumable supplies.
The warranty does not cover damage occurring during delivery to the consumer, caused by actions of the consumer or damage due to incorrect installation or maintenance, mechanical damage caused by the consumer and damage caused by voltage variation of the electric grid.
If the consumer uses the electric device for business or commercial purposes, the right to file a claim is void, based on non conformity. These buyers are granted the manufacturer’s 12 month guarantee, valid from the date of purchase. The authorized service will inspect the returned product and determine whether it was used in business or commercial purposes or not.

Kupac ima pravo da odustane od ugovora zaključenog na daljinu, odnosno izvan poslovnih prostorija u roku od 14 dana, bez navođenja razloga. Kupac snosi direktne troškove vraćanja robe. Kupac je odgovoran za umanjenu vrednost robe koja nastane kao posledica rukovanja robom na način koji nije adekvatan, odnosno prevazilazi ono što je neophodno da bi se ustanovili priroda, karakteristike i funkcionalnost robe.

Kupac ostvaruje pravo na odustanak od ugovora izjavom koju može dati na posebnom obrascu za odustanak od ugovora zaključenog na daljinu, odnosno izvan poslovnih prostorija ili na drugi nedvosmislen način. Obrazac za odustanak od ugovora se može preuzeti na našoj internet stranici.

Izjava o odustanku od ugovora kod ugovora na daljinu i ugovora koji se zaključuju izvan poslovnih prostorija smatra se blagovremenom ukoliko je poslata trgovcu u roku od 14 dana od trenutka zaključenja ugovora.

Izjava o odustanku od ugovora proizvodi pravno dejstvo od dana kada je poslata trgovcu.

Kupac nema pravo da odustane od ugovora u slučajevima:

1. pružanja usluga, nakon što je usluga u potpunosti izvršena, ukoliko je pružanje usluge počelo nakon izričite prethodne saglasnosti kupca i uz njegovu potvrdu da zna da gubi pravo na odustanak od ugovora kada trgovac u potpunosti izvrši ugovor;
2. isporuke robe ili pružanja usluga čija cena zavisi od promena na finansijskom tržištu na koje trgovac ne može da utiče i koje mogu nastati u toku roka za odustanak;
3. isporuke robe proizvedene prema posebnim zahtevima potrošača ili jasno personalizovane;
4. isporuke robe koja je podložna pogoršanju kvaliteta ili ima kratak rok trajanja;
5. isporuke zapečaćene robe koja se ne može vratiti zbog zaštite zdravlja ili higijenskih razloga i koja je otpečaćena nakon isporuke;
6. isporuke robe koja se, nakon isporuke, zbog svoje prirode neodvojivo meša sa drugom robom;
7. isporuke alkoholnih pića čija je cena dogovorena u vreme zaključivanja ugovora o prodaji i čija se isporuka može izvršiti tek nakon 30 dana od dana zaključenja ugovora, a čija stvarna cena zavisi od promena cena na tržištu na koje trgovac ne može da utiče;
8. ugovora kojima kupac izričito zahteva posetu od strane trgovca u cilju sprovođenja hitnih popravki ili održavanja; ukoliko prilikom ove posete trgovac pruži i druge usluge osim onih koje je potrošač konkretno zahtevao ili dostavi drugu robu osim delova za zamenu koji su neophodni za održavanje ili izvršenje popravke, pravo na odustanak od ugovora se odnosi na ove dopunske usluge ili robu;
9. isporuke zapečaćenih audio, video zapisa ili računarskog softvera, koji su otpečaćeni nakon isporuke;
10. isporuke novina, periodičnih izdanja ili časopisa osim pretplatničkih ugovora za isporuku ovih izdanja;
11. ugovora zaključenih na javnoj aukciji;
12. pružanja smeštaja koji nije u stambene svrhe, transporta robe, usluga iznajmljivanja automobila, usluga pripreme i dostavljanja hrane ili usluga povezanih sa slobodnim aktivnostima ukoliko ugovor predviđa konkretni rok ili period izvršenja;
13. isporuke digitalnog sadržaja koji nije isporučen na trajnom nosaču zapisa ako je izvršenje započelo posle prethodne izričite saglasnosti potrošača i njegove potvrde da zna da na taj način gubi pravo na odustanak od ugovora.
Obavezno popuniti obrazac: Obrazac za odustajanje od ugovora (PDF)