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Best Men’s Perfumes for Every Occasion

When it comes to men’s perfumes, a sure hit are those whose scent turns a lot of heads, making everyone want to follow that aromatic trail. It’s difficult to choose the right combination of fragrance notes that is appealing to everyone.

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Five Reasons Why an Electric Shaver Is Better Than an “Ordinary” One

Think of shaving your beard for which you would not need a lot of time, not a single cosmetic product, and which will result in completely smooth skin, without cuts and irritations. This kind of shaving is possible by an electric shaver.

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Andis Brand Is a Leader in the Barber World

Do you know the great jubilee in the world of the hairdressing and barber industry is marked this year? Andis brand and company, which is responsible for the first electric hair and beard clipper, is celebrating a centenary year.

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Irritation of Facial Skin after Shaving the Chin

Men who shave their beards regularly have encountered an unwanted reaction at least once – facial skin irritation. Skin irritations are caused by various factors, and it is good to know that you can avoid this situation. To mitigate unwanted effects, use after-shave care products.

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Moustaches Are in the Spotlight in November

Every November, males worldwide grow moustaches so they can support those who did develop prostate cancer. For the same reason, this text is dedicated to men and their moustaches. The beginning of November is the real time to join the global campaign Movember.

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Hair Care For Men

Hair care for men is not much different from that for women. In fact, this division should not even exist, because there are essentially no differences in the structure of hair between the sexes. The only thing that often, but not always, distinguishes men’s hair from women’s is its length.

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The Best Hair Dyes for Men

Hair dyes for men are not a new product, but they are not a matter of discussion a lot. Therefore, we have decided to write about this topic and clarify the doubts about hair coloring for men. Most people in our society think that hair dyeing is mostly a “female issue”. We will present basic information on hair coloring.

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How to Choose the Right Beard Trimmer

A beard is the trademark sign of many men. In recent years, it has become a particularly popular part of styling; both for younger and older men. Consequently, the offer of trimmers on the market is growing. Are you wondering which are the best?

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