Spa Natural brand came to existence through an idea to make depilation, pedicure, massage and other professional cosmetic and SPA treatments a true pleasure for both the client and the technician. These items satisfy the high professional standards and demands of our customers, providing them with a treatment tailored to their needs.

Throughout the production process itself, special attention is given to performance, catering to different skin type needs, but also to the needs of cosmeticians, requiring maximum efficiency for their work. Spa Natural face and body treatments are gentle to the skin and cause no irritation, redness or allergies.

High quality cosmetic salon equipment, professional depilation equipment, pedicure and paraffin treatments, furniture and disposables intended for use in SPA centers and salons are what makes this brand recognizable. Comfortableness during work and high efficiency in results are the main reasons behind the ever growing popularity of Spa Natural.

Spa Natural wax heaters, strips and depilation waxes are suitable for daily use in professional hair salons. Their practicability also makes them suitable for beginners, even at the comfort of their homes. 

The importance of adequate skin care post depilation is one of the reasons why oils are part of their assortment, for wax residue removal, skin hydration and irritation prevention.

Daily and correct feet care routine is the base for pretty and healthy skin. With SPA NATURAL cosmetics and foot baths for relaxation and enjoyable SPA treatments, your whole body will enjoy in salon or at home.