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How to Select Powder Brushes

Powder brushes are one of the most beautiful and favourite accessories of makeup lovers. They are an essential part of cosmetic bags and cases, because thanks to them each of us turns into a unique painter, and make makeup easier.

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Makeup Fixing Spray – Which One to Choose

A makeup fixing spray is not something used only by professional makeup artists. It can be your best ally if you want to wear steady makeup for hours. How often to use a makeup fixing spray and which one is best, we find out below. What is a makeup fixing spray for?

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Eyelashes and Colour Eyeliner – The Ultimate Fashion Hit

Although drawing the eyeline with a black pencil or eyeliner is almost irreplaceable step in makeup and an imperishable trend, this season is dominated by a different makeup look – eyeliner in colour.

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Drama and Glamour in Your Look – How to Choose and Apply False Eyelashes

Are you happy with the look of your natural lashes, or would you like them to be thicker and longer? Maybe you want to emphasize them further and give them a dose of glamour? Here are some tips that can help you.

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Awesome Halloween Makeup

The long awaited Halloween makeup arrived in our range. It is intended for all fans of masquerade, extravagant looks, effective and different makeup, as well as makeup artists and lovers of body paint. With this kind of make-up, you won’t need any masks and costumes.

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Lip Pencils – Indispensable in Today’s Makeup

Lip pencils are becoming more and more popular, so they are indispensable in every makeup bag today. Not only do they make the lips more beautiful and alluring, but they complete the look. A quality lip pencil will make your lips full, and will provide longer durability.

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Permanent Makeup – Little Secrets of Always Beautifully Made up Face

Permanent makeup corrects facial features you are dissatisfied with by saving the time you would normally spend doing makeup. It is ideal for women who have a lot of responsibilities and want to always be neat.

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The Best Foundation and Concealer for Your Skin Type

It is difficult to give a universal answer to the question of which is the best foundation and concealer. To achieve a radiant and even complexion, it is not enough to choose only a certain brand and color…

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Makeup Brushes: What Are Different Types of Brushes Used for

Makeup brushes are considered as an inevitable tool for every makeup artist. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on a purpose they are used for. You may find it hard to figure out what kind of a brush to choose. 

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