Everything your skin desires

The REVOX B77 brand was created as a result of philosophy that everyone deserves healthy skin and that high-quality care should be affordable and available to everybody. The products are based on simple formulas, that have rapid and efficient results. They are enriched with powerful active ingredients such as: antioxidants, AHA and BHA acids, vitamins…


Proper care starts with defining the needs of your skin. Therefore, the REVOX B77 face serums are created to solve specific skin problems. The serums improve hydration, even out the rough skin parts, fight the hyperpigmentation and reduce imperfections on the face, for radiant and youthful-looking skin.

REVOX B77 facial care products target a number of issues each skin types faces. Large variety of creams, serums, gels and tonics for facial care, allows everyone to easily find what best suits their skin.

Face creams are crucial step in each daily home care regime. Moisturizing formulas, enriched with most popular ingredients (collagen, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid), efficiently regenerate skin cells and protect the surface layers, for an overall radiant and glowing appearance of the skin.

Complete face care routine is incomplete without nourishing oils, rich in vitamins and fatty acids, that are essential for healthy hair and skin. Cold-pressed, organic, 100% pure oils are a great addition to everyday care regime.

The collection inspired by the Japanese care routine shares the secret of a youthful appearance of the skin. These products are enriched with active ingredients that slow down the aging process, for the optimal level of hydration: hyaluronic acid, rice milk and Japanese cherry blossom extracts.

Contemporary way of life implements advanced technology in the production of cosmetic preparations for skin care with an anti-aging effect. Retinol, being the main ingredient in the Retinol Anti-Wrinkle line, has proven to be extremely effective while fighting aging.