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Dog Grooming – Fashion or Mandatory Part of Hygiene

Dog grooming, as an indispensable part of caring for the appearance and health of a pet, has multiple benefits for both the dog and the owner. Proper haircuts painlessly remove dead and worn hair, reduce excessive shedding and make it easier to comb the fur.

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International Dog Day – An Occasion for Additional Tenderness

The International Dog Day is celebrated today with the main goal to draw public attention to the responsible ownership and adoption of these animals. The Dog Day has been celebrated on August 26 for years in order. 

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Bathing Dogs is a Mandatory Part of Pet Care

Bathing dogs is an integral part of caring for pets. They are a part of our lives, they give us love every day, and the least we can do for them is to feed and nurture them regularly. There are a large number of salons for pet care, which offer bathing services and self-service.

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World Cat Day – All the More Reason to Dedicate Yourself to Them

They are intelligent, fun, endearing and curious. The legend says they have nine lives, and global statistics says that they are among the most numerous pets. Wild or tame, big or small, they are an indispensable part of our lives.

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