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Alexandar Cosmetics About Us

Welcome to our company’s website.

The main line of expertise we follow is, in short – beauty. To put it more precisely, we deal with distribution of beauty products intended for both professional use in beauty salons and personal use at home.

Our many years of experience have taught us to carefully listen to our clients’ needs. In accordance with this, our offer consists of more than 35,000 items and over 100 different brands, constantly growing, just as we do.

Thanks to our extraordinary cooperation with our distributive centers, the assortment we offer can be found throughout the entire region and even beyond.

Experience and Loyalty in the name of beauty

Fulfilling requests of our clients is always our number one priority and it has kept us in a very successful business for more than 23 years. Among our loyal clients, there are numerous cosmetic and hairdressing salons, spa centers, make-up studios and academies.

We believe that good communication is a significant prerequisite for a successful enterprise – professionalism and teamwork are the reasons for which we have been spreading our broad network of loyal clients successfully. Each and every buyer matters. Hence, our kind staff is always ready to help and see that all of your needs are met.

Alexandar Cosmetics About Us

Constant improvement

One of the key values of our company is a constant process of learning and perfecting what we already know, which has made us regular guests of the most significant world events when it comes to beauty. We communicate with renowned international and national experts on a daily basis, making sure that only carefully selected brands become a part of our assortment.

Alexandar Cosmetics About Us

We gladly share our knowledge and experience

We organize trainings and seminars regularly, in order to share what we have learnt with all of our clients and buyers. Our programs represent a unique chance for all interested people to get aquatinted with the newest lines of products and their methods of use.

Additionally, we conduct programs of individual professional makeup and nail and lash extension trainings, created to match the needs of our attendees. Our educators are internationally acclaimed, experienced experts. After completing our course successfully, every attendant receives a certificate testifying their newly acquired skills.

Should you have any questions regarding our products, our assortment or our business, feel free to contact us. We would be delighted to reply.

We wish you a pleasant stay on our website!

Alexandar Cosmetics Team