As a thank you for your loyalty and trust, our creative team has prepared a variety of promotional activities, for you to have different options while shopping your favorite beauty products. We proudly present you news on our web site. If you are a fan of online shopping, these news will certainly come as a great surprise! On a regular basis, we give out promo codes, that allow you to save up while online shopping on our web site. It is a special alphanumeric code voucher, attached with online order on web site. 

Promo Code Types

Percentage off the complete order amount;
Decreasing the complete order amount for a certain amount;
Percentage off of selected items (product group, selected brand);
Free shipping. Promo code can be applied for selected user type: natural or legal person, and can also be aimed at users from a certain location.

How Does a Promo Code Work?

Each promo code has a limited expiration date and is valid until the date noted. Upon expiration of this date, it is not possible to use the voucher. Each separate promo code can be used for one online order only. 
Depending on our current offers, at one point you can have several active promo codes. However, one promo code cannot be combined with other promo codes, nor it can be used for shopping in our shops or distributive centers. Promo code campaign is valid only for online shopping on our web site All the information on promo code list attached to your account, as well as their expiration dates, can be checked at all times on the My Promo Codes page. 
How to Receive a Promo Code?

Alexandar Cosmetics offers promo codes and other sale options via e-mail, Newsletter, our social media profiles, web site and other ways of advertising. There are two promo code types: unique and universal.
Unique promo code is attached to your account on web site and can be received via e-mail. Receiving and usage of the unique promo code possibilities is generally in relation to fulfilling a certain condition, for example, web site registrations.
Universal promo code is available for all users and is published publicly on our social media profiles, web site or via promotional materials we periodically send out to the e-mails of registered users. This code can be used by anyone it is available to and is not attached to a specific account. More precisely, universal promo code can simultaneously be used by you, as well as other users you forward it to, to use the noted promotions during online shopping. Universal promo code can be used from one account for one order. 

How to use a voucher?

During online shopping, only one promo code can be used per one order. It is not possible to combine several promo codes for one order. One promo code cannot be used several times from one account. Promo code can be applied automatically or manually. 
Automatic promo code application
Promo codes that are automatically assigned are visible on your account, on the My Promo Codes page. During each online shopping, you can choose one of the available promo codes by clicking APPLY button. Promo code wil automatically be entered and applied to your order.
Manual promo code application
In case you received a promo code, during online shopping on our web site, on the My Cart page enter complete alphanumeric code in the noted field, under the complete amount in your cart. Upon entering the promo code, the promotion result is immediately applied to your order.

For detailed instructions about using the promo code, you can see an illustrated example.


Promo code is only one way for you to pay less during online shopping on our web site. Follow our sale offers and use all the promotions.

In order to present our users with sales for their favourite beauty products, as well as gifts and offers, we regularly create a variety of promotions.

For more information on promotions, follow our website and social media profiles.


Products on Sale

At all times, on our website, on the SALE page, it is possible to find a variety of products available at discount prices. We constantly try to cater to our customer's wishes, so the product on sale list is updated on a daily bases.

This type of offer is available for online shopping, as well as shopping in our retail and wholesale shops in Novi Sad (Miše Dimitrijevića 1 and Cara Dušana 69).



Do you have personal favorites from our offer? This may be the last chance for you to get them. Clearance promotion is currently ongoing on our website and it is valid for products we will no longer carry. More precisely, some items from our offer can be bought only until they run out of stock. A list of these products can be browsed at all times on the Clearance page.


In order to make our products more available to a larger number of users, we create a variety of sale offers all year long. You can find all the necessary information on our website and social media profiles.