Dog Grooming – Fashion or Mandatory Part of Hygiene

Dog grooming, as an indispensable part of caring for the appearance and health of a pet, has multiple benefits for both the dog and the owner. Proper haircuts painlessly remove dead and worn hair, reduce excessive shedding and make it easier to comb the fur. In addition, regular grooming of dogs contributes to the alleviation and reduction of unpleasant odors, which are often retained on the animal’s hair. 

Dog grooming
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However, these are not the only reasons why pet owners decide to do this. Often, going for a haircut is the result of the owner’s desire for their dog to look modern and beautiful, like the ones we see on social networks. Regardless of the main reason for grooming dogs, it is important to emphasize that this activity cannot harm a pet if it is performed in an adequate way.

In professional dog grooming salons, there are hygienic and aesthetic treatments for grooming pets’ hair.

  • A hygienic haircut usually means shortening the hair around the eyes, under the legs and tail, as well as removing tangled and worn parts of the fur. This treatment can also be performed at home, which requires patience and adequate cosmetics and grooming equipment for pets.
  • An aesthetic haircut is mandatory for dogs that participate in exhibitions and competitions, and this work is usually done by professional dog hairdressers, the so-called groomers. Also, this treatment is chosen by owners who want their pet to have a modern and creative hairstyle.


When it’s time to groom dogs

Experts advise that the first encounter of a dog with scissors and trimmers be at an early age. These animals are easy to train because they are obedient and that is why it is important to start these activities on time. It is best in the period between the third and sixth month of life.

Dog fur has the role of an insulator and a protective barrier against various external influences. Many owners believe that dog grooming is mandatory only in summer because it helps animals to withstand high temperatures more easily. In fact, the reason for (not) grooming dogs should not be related to the seasons, nor to the breed.

So, it is wrong to believe that only long-haired breeds get a haircut. Experienced veterinarians and professional groomers say that any dog ​​can get a haircut, regardless of the length and density of its hair.

Pet grooming
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Sometimes combing is a futile job and can be very painful for the animal. For a dog whose hair is extremely tangled, a haircut is the only solution. Then you have no choice but to schedule a treatment in a dog beauty salon or take scissors and a hair clipper yourself.


Dog hair clippers

Andis dog hair clippers AGC Brushless are the choice of many professional groomers, due to the extremely quiet motor. Animals are very sensitive to unfamiliar sounds and that is why this feature of the Andis dog grooming machine is a significant advantage. It has a powerful rotary motor, without brushes, which allows frequent, everyday use. It is suitable for haircuts of different races – for all hair types.

Andis clipper for dog grooming
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For the dog grooming clippers to last as long as possible, proper handling and regular maintenance are important. Cleaning is mandatory after each use. Use a suitable brush to remove hairs from the blade and lubricate them with a hair clipper care product.

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Finally, let us look at the very title of this text. In the past few years, people have become aware of the importance of proper hygiene and pet care. Dog grooming is an increasingly popular business in Serbia and around the world, but not without reason. By regularly shortening and removing dead hair, the fur is easier to keep tidy and clean. The appearance of ruffled hair is reduced to a minimum and it is easier to notice possible changes in the skin and fur of the animal.

Remember, the messy appearance of pets speaks more about their owners than about the animals themselves. Responsible ownership means taking care of the health and appearance of the animal, and their proper nutrition and hygiene should come first.

What breed is your dog? How often and in what way do you take care of his hygiene? Write us your experiences.

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  • Elina Brooks
    20.01.2023. 08:21

    Thank you for informing us that dogs should encounter scissors and trimmers at an early age since it’ll be easier to train them to be obedient when performing grooming tasks. I’m currently raising a puppy, and coincidentally, I was just thinking of getting him a haircut soon. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for a dog grooming service to contact for an appointment soon.

  • Alexandar Cosmetics
    20.01.2023. 09:55

    Dear Elina,
    Thank you for commenting on the blog about grooming services.

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