Revolution Skincare is a global brand known for introducing the latest trends into the world of beauty and care, through innovative products which are available at affordable prices. Whether you need just a dose of hydration or you want to improve your skin texture, creams, masks, serums and oils for facial care are here to help.

Thanks to the constant communication with the consumers and their feedback, formulas of the Revolution Skincare products are regularly improving and perfecting, following the modern trends of the global market, but also the requirements of individuals. With a goal to make a revolution in the field of care, all products are created on the basis of high quality ingredients and are Cruelty Free PETA certified, which means that they have not been tested on animals in the process of production. They are enriched with nutrients that the skin loves, in order to provide the best solutions and benefits for numerous problems of different skin types.

Face serums are full of active ingredients that are aimed towards resolving the challenges that our skin faces every day. They can be used for day and night care rituals in home and professional treatments.

Hydrating, nourishing and peeling face masks are an indispensable part of the rich assortment of this brand. Starting with products for calming and cooling the skin, all the way to the products for detoxifying, cleansing, deep nutrition and recovering of the skin.

Lip care is as equally important as facial care. This is why the Revolution Skincare brand has dedicated special attention to creating lip masks, guided by its vision: "Better Skincare, Better Makeup".