The I Heart Revolution brand was created with the idea of bringing good mood, happiness and fun into the lives of all makeup lovers, with the following tagline: "Be a rainbow in someone's cloud". This fun and dazzling project is a part of the great beauty house Revolution Beauty London.

The brand can be easily recognized thanks to creative and unique packaging of their high-quality and attractive makeup products. Seductive highlighters, bronzers and heart-shaped blushers, a trademark of the brand, will make every complexion appear radiant.

The irresistible chocolate packaging of the eye shadow and pigment palettes is what makes the I Heart Revolution utterly recognizable. You will be surprised by the rich collection of colors and shades that are easily blended and combined. They are suitable for creating different makeup styles, for all occasions.

Refreshing fragrance notes, which sparkle good mood and bring freshness that lasts throughout the day, are available in chocolate-shaped bottles in the form of a perfume, as well as in the form of perfumed body mist.