Dear customer, to successfully perform an online order and buy products, it is necessary to register. In case you are not a registered member, you can proceed to the link REGISTRATION.


Instructions for online shopping:

  • Register
  • Choose the desired product, set the quantity and click on the button ADD TO CART
  • After the first ordered products, order is formed and it remains active until you finish the ordering process. Due to HIGH FREQUENCY of visits to our web site and online orders, all products in your cart are reserved for you for a period of 3 hours. In case the order is not closed within this time, some of the products from your cart may become unavailable and their quantity may be less than ordered. In case your cart contains currently unavailable products, it is necessary to delete them from the cart.
    Should the available quantity be less than the ordered one, you may:
  • Delete the products from your cart or
  • Accept the available product quantity
  • As soon as the wanted articles are available again, you will receive an e-mail notification.
  • You can stop the ordering process at any moment, and proceed with it after couple of days, because the active order will still be opened. At all times, you are able to see the current order state, as well as the total amount of the created order.
  • After selecting all the desired products, press the ORDER button within the Current order.
  • After creating the order, you will continue to 3 steps of Ordering process, where is possible to modify your data, or send the order as a GIFT. Also, you will be able to enter your name and note.
  • You can choose delivery and payment methods. Please check the accuracy of all entered data.
  • Your order will automatically be transfered to our customer service, and you will be contacted for data confirmation in due time.

You can place your order via phone number +381 21 2100 888 +381 21 2100 888 between 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. on working days.


It is necessary that you know the exact code or name of the article, as well as the quantity you desire to order. Also, you should leave your complete data (name, last name, address and phone number), for your order to be adequately executed.

Select the desired product, add it to the cart by simply clicking ORDER button and start online shopping.

Each added product can easily be removed from the cart by clicking on the Remove product option.

Also, it is possible to change the desired quantity of each added product once it is in the cart.

Each product in the cart can be added to your WISH LIST.

Our Web site provides the possibility of sending your order as a gift and surprising your special someone.

How to send a gift?
After selecting all wanted articles, click on the button ORDER within your cart.

Within first step of ordering process chose the option I WANT TO SEND MY ORDER AS A GIFT FOR THE SPECIAL SOMEONE.

In case you already ordered from this account, this option will be available after clicking on the button CHANGE (MODIFY) within the first step. Afterwards, a field for data entering will open. It is necessary to enter name and last name, address and contact phone (for the purpose of delivery) of the person you are sending a gift to. Also, you will be able to enter your name and personal note.

Step 2, PAYMENT METHOD, option ONLINE SHOPPING (PAYING) WITH A PAYMENT CARD (option SEND AS A GIFT is possible solely for this payment method).

Step 3, DELIVERY METHOD, entails selecting the method of deliviery. Next to the courier service, there is total amount.

Order is finished by clicking on the ORDER button, where you will be able to see the total amount to be payed, delivery cost borne by buyer included.

The option SEND AS A GIFT is possible only for delivery address in Serbia!

Serbian orders

Payment can be made via one of these four methods:

  • Online payment with payment cards (safety of your transactions is guaranteed by Raiffeisen Bank of Austria)
  • E-banking, payment made via m-banking or e-banking application on your mobile phone or computer.
  • Cash on delivery upon receiving the parcel from courier service
  • By invoice through the company account (for legal entities)

Option Send as a gift is possible with payment by online payment cards or e-banking.


International orders 

Payment can be made via one of these three methods:

  • Online payment with payment cards (safety of your transactions is guaranteed by Raiffeisen Bank of Austria). Complete amount of the order is paid directly via payment card
  • Invoice - complete amount of the order is paid to our banking account. Upon completing the order, we will send the invoice and necessary payment instructions via e-mail. After the payment is registered on our bank account, we will ship the parcel
  • Cash on delivery, upon receiving the package from the courier service. Complete amount of the order (order + delivery cost) is paid in local currency directly to courier service, upon receiving the package. This option is valid solely for Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Order delivery in Serbia


Delivery of goods you ordered is performed as soon as possible via following courier services:

  • D-Express courier service
  • Post Express official courier service of Post of Serbia, which provides international parcel delivery
  • AKS courier service

Delivery of goods is performed in accordance with courier service regulations, and delivery costs depend on parcel weight and country of destination.



Courier services will deliver your order, based on their working hours, according to the following schedule:

  • Orders placed on workdays by noon, will be delivered the following work day
  • Orders received on Fridays by noon, will be delivered on the first following Monday
  • Orders received on workdays after noon, will be delivered in two workdays
  • Orders received on Fridays after noon, will be delivered on the first following Tuesday

Order delivery out of Serbia


Delivery time for countries of the region (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia) is 5 to 10 workdays.

Delivery time for Montenegro is 3 to 7 workdays.

Delivery time for European countries is 10 to 20 workdays.

Delivery time outside of Europe is 15 to 20 workdays.


Upon delivery of the parcel, some countries require further customs procedure, in accordance with regulations of country in question.


Transportation expenses in Serbia


Delivery fee calculation is based on the package weight and the courier service provider chosen.

 Courier service delivery fee price list:

  • For packages weighing up to 0.5kg, the delivery fee is 195 RSD
  • For packages weighing from 0.5kg do 1kg, the delivery fee is 235 RSD
  • For packages weighing from 1kg do 2kg, the delivery fee is 275 RSD
  • For packages weighing from 2kg do 5kg, the delivery fee is 350 RSD
  • For packages weighing from 5kg do 10kg, the delivery fee is 430 RSD
  • For packages weighing from 10kg do 20kg, the delivery fee is 660 RSD
  • For packages weighing from 20kg do 30kg, the delivery fee is 800 RSD
  • For packages weighing from 30kg do 50kg, the delivery fee is 1060 RSD
  • Above 50kg, each additional kilogram is charged 20 RSD

We offer free shipping for orders over 9.000 RSD.


Transportation expenses for international orders


Delivery cost for international orders is calculated based on parcel weight and zone the country of destination belongs to. Also, delivery costs are directly depending on the order value. It implies that in case the order value is higher, delivery costs are proportionally decreasing and can even be nullified.
In case your parcel weighs more than 20kg, you shall be contacted by our customer service for the purpose of determining the precise delivery costs and delivery method. Delivery costs can be checked upon completing the order, within the third step SHIPPING METHOD.


Delivery cost for  Montenegro:

  • For parcels up to 20 kg, the shipping fee is 590 RSD.
  • For parcels weighing from 20.01 kg to 30 kg, the shipping fee is 1,170 RSD.

Upon delivery of the parcel, some countries require further customs procedure, in accordance with regulations of country in question.


If you are interested in ordering larger quantities of a certain item or wish to reserve your desired item, you have an option to book the item in the desired quantity.

The reservation can be completed with a click on the RESERVATION button (link), found under the stated price of each product on our webpage.

Enter the desired item quantity in the box appearing immediately afterwards and confirm your reservation by clicking the button RESERVE.

In the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION box, you can optionally enter some notes, in case you need to state some important information related to the reservation, such as: delivery date and time, delivery method etc.

After your reservation is received, you will be contacted by our sales department, who will direct you regarding all the details related to your reservation.

The reservation can also be modified - the quantity can be increased or decreased in two ways:

1. By clicking the RESERVATION button on the page where the reservation was initially made.
2. On the RESERVATION page located in your account, where all current and previous reservations are stored.
The reservation can be cancelled at any given time, through the RESERVATION page located in your account page.

After a successfully reserved product, you will receive a confirmation email.

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