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Red Hair Doesn’t Have to Be Demanding to Maintain

Red hair colour is a trademark of many women. It is effective, attractive, striking, and very characteristic. There are many (urban) legends about red-haired women. We shall write about how to make red hair soft and retain an intense pigment until the next dyeing.

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Why is sun protection for the hair so important – tips & tricks

External factors have a major impact on the appearance and health of hair. At sea, we usually use face and body creams with SPF. During the summer months, protection of hair from the sun is mandatory.

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What Is the Best Hair Brush And How To Recognize It

If you think that a hairbrush is the least important for the look and health of your hair – you are wrong. If you think you can use any brush for different purposes – you are wrong. If you think that every brush is suitable for everyone’s hair – yes, you are wrong again.

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Hair Curling with a Ribbon – Natural and Easy Way to Create Curls and Waves

Hair curling with a ribbon is becoming increasingly popular, judging by the videos circulating on social media. How this trend has made its way into the homes of all lovers of curly and wavy hair, we shall discover in the blog.

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Who Needs an Electric Hair Straightener Brush

If you type electric hair straightening brush into the search engine, you will get a bunch of photos and video clips of electric brushes. The results they give look fantastic: they straighten thick and curly hair in no time. Do you need such a brush?

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Murumuru Butter – Powerful Ingredient for Hair and Skincare

Have you heard of murumuru butter? What about coconut, cocoa, or shea butter? We believe that in a few years, this term will be equally widespread in everyday conversations about skin and hair care products.

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Hair Oils – The Best Allies for Hair Health

Frequent hair dyeing and other chemical treatments, as well as the use of styling tools, can damage and dry out the hair. If you are among the many who use these treatments, instead of cutting damaged strands, try using hair oils. They can improve the health of your hair.

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The Best Ammonia-Free Hair Dyes

Ammonia-free hair dyes are an excellent choice for people with sensitive scalp or certain allergies, as well as for those who want long-lasting and shiny hair colour with minimal hair damage. Although it is not a new formula, these products have become increasingly popular lately.

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PLEX Treatment for Hair Recovery – the Best Solution

If you have dry and damaged hair, there are several effective ways to restore its vitality, elasticity and shine. It is time to try an appropriate hair recovery treatment. This time, we are presenting PLEX treatment products.

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