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Six Creams for Curly Hair – Hairdressers’ Recommendations

How many times have you wished you had straight hair when you unsuccessfully tried to “restrain” unruly waves or curls? If your answer is – a lot, this is the text for you. We reveal six creams for curly hair thanks to which you will always love your curls.

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The Most Beautiful Hairstyles for Long Hair

Do you want to change the way you style your hair, make a good impression and be trendy? If you like different hairstyles for long hair, but have that eternal dilemma – which one to choose, see our suggestions of the most beautiful hairstyles.

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Sulfate-Free Shampoo – Is This the Best Choice for Your Hair

Surely you have heard many times about sulfate-free shampoo and stories about how sulfates are harmful to hair. Is it simply a myth or a reality? What makes a sulfate-free shampoo different from a classic hair wash product?

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How to Make a Hair Tint against Yellow Tones

Most of the blondes have met with the problem of unwanted yellow tones on their hair. This usually happens immediately after dyeing or after several washes. One of the solutions is the hair tint against yellow tones. Find out how to make it yourself.

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Every Hair Can Be Curly With a Perm

Many women who have straight hair would like to have curls. If you recognized yourself in the first sentence, it’s time for a perm. It is a professional hairdressing technique and the only successful way to curly hair for a long period of time.

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What Problems Does Castor Oil for Hair Solve

Castor oil for hair is today rightly considered a miracle cure. It has multiple positive effects on hair. Above all, it enables its faster growth. In addition, castor oil helps the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes, and is also good for the skin.

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Hair Hydration – Treatment That Every Hair Desires

Hair hydration is the basis for a healthy and beautiful look and everyone needs. Groomed hair has always been a symbol of beauty. Whether it is thin or thick, straight or curly, dry or greasy, dyed or untreated – hair needs regular hydration.

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Winter Hair Care  – The Most Common Mistakes

Cold, wind, increased humidity, rain, fog, frost, and snow on the one hand, and dry indoor air on the other hand, dry and damage the hair. Constant change and transition from cold to warm (and vice versa), can leave negative consequences on hair.

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Hair Waves: Five Simple Ways to Make Them Yourself

Hair Waves in hair are seductive, elegant, gentle and romantic. They give each hair extra volume and a dose of glamour. They look beautiful on both short and long hair, and they fit well with everyone`s style.

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