Blush Beauty inspires people to express creativity and skill in the most beautiful way possible. The products of this brand made a debut a few years ago and very quickly won over all makeup fans, because professional makeup accessories rapidly became available to a wider circle of people.

Blush makeup brushes, made of the finest natural and synthetic hairs, are well-known by the matte black wooden handle and brass ferrule. Makeup brushes, blending sponges and eye and lip pencils made this brand a true favorite of many women and professional makeup artists.

Whether you want dramatic volume, longer lashes or a natural appearance, Blush mascaras will give your lashes an intense swipe of black pigment, with a hint of elegance.

Lashes for lash extensions using different techniques ("silk lashes", "Russian volume"…) are ideal for enhancing the eyes and creating additional volume for everyday events and special occasions.

Jade and rose quartz face rollers are used for face and neck massage, but also for applying creamy and liquid skin care products (creams, serums, face masks ...). This way, it accelerates the absorption of nutrients, encourages skin recovery, reduces facial swelling, and relieves stress, tension and fatigue.

Compact cosmetics, makeup and tool bag is created for professionals on the go, and the makeup chair is a perfect addition to every cosmetic and makeup studio.