Irritation of Facial Skin after Shaving the Chin

Men who shave their beards regularly have encountered an unwanted reaction at least once – facial skin irritation. Skin irritations are caused by various factors, and it is good to know that you can avoid this unpleasant situation.

To mitigate unwanted side effects, use after shave facial care products.

Skin irritation after shaving
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How Facial Skin Irritation Occur

In some men, every time after shaving the beard and mustache, redness, unpleasant itching and tingling appear on the skin of the face. Skin irritation is also manifested through other forms, but these are the most common symptoms. As we have already said, there are several causes, and we will list only a few of the most significant ones.


Beginner Mistakes

Teenagers do not have enough experience or skills in shaving their beards, so they can easily make mistakes when choosing accessories for work, and cut and injure themselves. Minor cuts, as well as the use of inadequate cosmetics, lead to skin irritation. If they embark on this adventure on their own, they should definitely get styptic sticks to stop the bleeding. These products are intended for repairing small, superficial cuts on the skin.

Shaving without skin irritation
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To avoid beginner mistakes, young men shaving for the first time should consult with older and “more experienced”; male family members and friends, or visit a professional barber shop.


Shaving after a Long Period

If you let your beard grow for months or years and now you want to shave it, be very careful. Extremely long and thick beard can mask visible inflammatory processes on the skin, as well as small flakes of dead skin cells. Therefore, you should first shorten your beard, using a clipper or trimmer, and then shave it. You can do the shortening a day or two before the planned shave. Maybe you like a shorter beard better, change your mind and decide to just shape it further. A real beard trimmer and beard and mustache styling cosmetics can help you with that.

How to escape skin irritation
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If you still want to remove it completely, first apply oil to soften the hair and then proceed with the usual shaving procedure (if you have not forgotten it).


Shaving Too Often

Some men, mostly due to the demands of their profession, shave their beards every day. Treating facial skin too often with razor blades can cause irritation. If your beard is not extremely thick, sharp and does not grow fast, try to reduce the frequency of shaving. This will prevent unwanted consequences. It is also important to choose your work accessories carefully. Be careful not to use blunt razors that can further irritate the skin and cause more damage to your face. Our recommendation is to choose the ANDIS ProFoil Lithium TS-1 electric shaver. This device contains two heads with gold hypoallergenic foil, which are specially created for a close contact with the skin, without causing irritation. This is what enables the daily use of this device and makes it undisputed for the shaving technique.

Andis shaving without irritation
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For an extra feeling of freshness on your face, use CLUBMAN Whiskey Woods lotion to disinfect facial and neck skin after shaving. This multi-purpose product is suitable for everyday use, pleasantly cools and refreshes the skin.


Sensitive and Dry Facial Skin is Prone to Irritation

Aftershave skin irritation is more common on sensitive and dry facial skin. If your skin is like that, know that it needs regular care, even between two shaves. If you have extremely sensitive skin, avoid products that contain alcohol, parabens and silicones. We suggest you try the multi-purpose shaving and cleansing face gel which reduces discomfort during the application of the razor, and at the same time nourishes the facial skin.

Skin irritation after shaving beard
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For people with dry skin, it is recommended to use shaving cream which makes this procedure easier and more pleasant, hydrates the skin and reduces irritation.


Aftershave Skin Care Is Mandatory

Regardless of the technique, accessories and cosmetic products you use, facial care after shaving is an inevitable step that will minimize the skin irritation.

Aftershave hydrating face cream contains vegetable oils which soothe the skin and relieve redness.  It can also be used for daily hydration of the face instead of the day cream.

Aftershave facial skin balm also relieves irritations, soothes and cleanses the skin while enhancing its natural protection system. Thanks to marigold extract, it accelerates skin regeneration, hydrates and makes it soft and gentle.

Skin irritation
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Have you also experienced facial skin irritation? Write us how you shave your beard and take care of your skin.

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