Cosmetics that have found a way to get the most out of nature - following the traditional approach, but also innovative, using ozonated water in products. This way, we could briefly define the strategy of the Italian brand Insight.

Following the principles of phytotherapy, the products are created mostly from plant extracts, being about the fact that they contain between 97 and 98 percent of natural ingredients. The natural ingredients used in Insight cosmetics come from controlled supply chains and they have been tested at Insight’s research laboratory in Bologna. In harmony with this philosophy, Insight cosmetics do not contain parabens and harmful sulfates, they are vegan and have not been tested on animals.


Insight offers a wide range of hair care products, including shampoos, masks, serums, conditioners and hair treatments. Due to the natural ingredients, they are gentle for the scalp and hair and without causing irritation, which make them suitable for people with the sensitive scalp. They are divided into several lines according to their purpose - for dry and damaged hair, oily hair, for sensitive scalp, anti-dandruff products, anti-static products, as well as products for everyday use.


Balanced with nature - it is an approach that is also cared for during the production of hair dyes, too. They contain 90 percent of ingredients of natural origin and nutrients, such as phytokeratin and organic oils. In addition, they contain a small percentage of ammonia.
Keeping that in mind, Insight dyes, in addition to being permanente resistive to color fading, they also have nourishing properties, making hair soft and shiny.


The natural ingredients in Insight body care products make the skin hydrated, supple and soft. Due to their benefits, they are intended for all skin types.


The Insight product line for men includes products for the beard, hair and body. Mild formulas of products for care and styling beard are especially suitable for people with sensitive skin. Within the group of body products, you can find a shower gel enriched with oils and plant extracts, which makes it suitable for everyday use. The hair product line is intended for hair care and styling, with regard to the offer consisting of the hair shampoo, gel, wax, hair styling cream and hair dye.

The Insight brand is recognizable by its simple packaging. It is made of recyclable material, which is with the brand's philosophy regarding the reduction of harmful effects on the environment.