Black Friday: The Best Occasion For Shopping

Are you ready for Black Friday and the best shopping of the year? This is a unique opportunity to get your favourite beauty products at 20 percent lower prices. From Friday, November 24, to Sunday, November 26, a discount on the entire assortment in our online shop and Alexandar Cosmetics sales facilities awaits you.

Black Friday sale
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All shopaholics will agree that Black Friday is the best day for shopping. Such discounts are not to be missed! Many eagerly wait all year for the last Friday in November to take advantage of all the shopping benefits. This day has become synonymous with discounts and savings. It is traditionally celebrated for years in almost all countries of the world. Why should we be an exception?


This Friday, Prices Have a Black Future

Regardless of whether you are buying “just a few little things”, gifts for loved ones, or complete equipment and furniture for your salon, for Black Friday you will have the opportunity to save an incredible 20 percent*.

Friday is Just the Beginning!

In our online shop, the discount starts for Black Friday and will last all weekend. You will be able to take advantage of the price reduction on Friday and Saturday in our sales facilities in Novi Sad:

  • Retail in Miše Dimitrijevića 1;
  • Wholesale in Cara Dušana 69.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday you will be able to buy your favourite products at 20 percent lower prices and in Alexandar Cosmetics distribution centers throughout Serbia and the region. For more information about the discount and working hours of distribution centers in your city, contact the nearest distributor.

Of course, that is not the end of the discounts. All products of the brand NYX Professional Makeup, except those that are already reduced, will be available at even 30 percent lower prices, from November 24 to 26.

* Products of the brands Lemi and Pietranera will be discounted by 10 percent.


Make the Most of the Discount

People around the world wait for Black Friday and discounts to buy electrical appliances. Therefore, this day is a good occasion to purchase beauty appliances and devices. Our suggestion is to take advantage of the discounts and buy a professional hair dryer at a super price, with a discount of 20 percent. Whether you are a hairdresser or you will use the dryer only for home use, this investment will pay off in the long term. By purchasing a quality device, you will save yourself time when drying and styling your hair.

Our suggestion is the Infinity Typhoon Hair Dryer which is available in three colours, and has performances that meet all professional needs. The AC motor with a power of 2,600 W will dry even long and extremely thick hair with the strength and speed of a typhoon. With the use of appropriate concentrators and hair brushes, you will be able to quickly and easily style the desired hairstyle yourself.

INFINITY Typhoon - Black Friday


You can also take advantage of Black Friday discounts for the purchase of beard clippers and trimmers. In Alexandar Cosmetics’ offer, you will find a wide range of devices intended for professionals and “ordinary” users. If you are indecisive, read our text “How to Choose the Right Beard Trimmer” which will help you more easily find the appropriate product.


Prepare Gifts with Black Friday Discounts

If you want to pleasantly surprise a loved one, Black Friday is the best time to visit Alexandar Cosmetics sales facilities and online shop. You can create your own gift packages by combining different products, or choose beauty sets at lower prices. Check out our suggestions for gift sets for your loved ones.


The REVOX B77 Face Serum Set contains three serums: Caffeine 5% for eye care; Hyaluronic Acid 5% for face and neck care; Squalane for face and neck care. This set is an ideal gift for anyone who cares about their appearance and skin health. All three serums from this set are made based on quality ingredients and are intended for daily use. They are suitable for all skin types. With this gift you won´t go wrong even if you are not sure what skin type the person has.


The REVOLUTION PRO New Neutrals Makeup Brush Set is an excellent choice for a gift for ladies who love to do makeup. It contains five different makeup brushes made of quality synthetic fibers and a case for their neat storage. The brushes are intended for applying various creamy, liquid and powdery products (foundations, blushes, eye shadows…). The complete set is designed with a leopard print in gold colour. These details make it especially attractive for a gift.

Sales for Revox B77 Black Friday


Also, the Makeup Revolution 24 Days of Glam Advent Calendar Makeup Set can be a fantastic gift. This set of 24 products has delighted many makeup lovers due to its New Year’s packaging, luxurious products, and richly pigmented colours. Black Friday is an ideal opportunity to buy this holiday set at a 20 percent lower price. The products are so beautiful, and the packaging is very effective. So, it is very possible that you will change your mind and keep the whole set for yourself.

Advent calendar makeup set
Photo: Alexandar Cosmetics


Small Ally on the Journey

Infinity Bioutiful Pocket Hair Brushes can be a good choice for travel lovers. They are designed to easily detangle tangled ends, without pulling and breaking the hair. They are intended for all hair types, and can also be used for detangling wigs. At the tips of the needles are balls that allow a gentle scalp massage. The design of the brushes makes them particularly attractive and tempting. An additional advantage, by which they got their name, is the fact that they are made of “environmentally friendly material”: wheat straw and a blend of recyclable plastic. Thanks to their small dimensions, they easily fit into any bag. The person to whom you give such a gift will gladly carry the brushes everywhere with them.


A Unique Opportunity to Buy New Products

According to unwritten sales rules, new products are almost never available at a discount, regardless of whether it is shoes, clothes, makeup or jewelry. Do not worry, you can forget this rule when it comes to our Black Friday discounts! Take this opportunity to get new beauty products at more affordable prices. Black Friday at Alexandar Cosmetics brings discounts on the entire range. This means that you will be able to purchase the latest products at 20 percent lower prices. This is just one of the reasons why we love Black Friday.


Black Friday – Day for Salon Equipment

If you missed our Big Autumn Sale, take advantage of the biggest shopping and reduction day to equip or renovate your workspace.

Do you provide facial treatments in your beauty salon? All devices for beauty salons will be available at 20 percent lower prices. If you want to introduce innovations in your work, we highly recommend devices for laser hair removal, as well as devices for laser tattoo removal.

Check out the offer of work tools and take advantage of the Black Friday discount to renew the collection. Every hairdresser needs professional hair scissors, and now is the right time to buy new ones at a 20 percent lower price. Our recommendation is Infinity Classic, made of high-quality, stainless Japanese steel. They are precisely sharpened and will not let you down even after many years of work, and can also be used by left-handed hairdressers.

An elegant ceramic shampoo chair will bring elegance and style to every hair salon, and provide maximum comfort to clients during treatment. In our assortment, several different models and colours are available. You can easily find the one that fits best into your workspace. Also, in our offer, you will find elegant and functional hairdressing-barber workstations, as well as chairs of different styles. Black Friday discounts are an ideal opportunity to buy new furniture, enhance the workspace or completely redecorate the salon and maximize the pleasure for yourself and your clients.

Black Friday sales for Infinity Black Friday
Photo: Alexandar Cosmetics


The day we have been waiting for all year is approaching. Prepare your list of beauty favourites on time and reserve free time for shopping. Is there a better occasion for that than a 20 percent discount on the entire range throughout the weekend?

Visit our sales facilities and online shop and save on everything you buy. See you!

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