Big Spring Discount Activity – Discount on the Entire Range

The big spring discount activity Hello Spring, with which you can save up to 20%, has just begun. This is a unique opportunity to buy cosmetic favourites, as well as to purchase completely new care and beauty products. Low-priced activity will last from April 7 to 10 in our online shop and Alexandar Cosmetics sales and distribution centers.

Big spring discount
Photo: Alexandar Cosmetics


How to Get a Discount

The spring activity at cut-rate prices is designed so that you can choose the value of the discount on your own. The more you buy, the more you will save.

The 5-20 percent discount applies to the entire range, except for products that have already been reduced or are on sale. First, the prices of all the items you want to buy are added up, including those that have already been discounted. The rebate is determined on the base of the total amount of all items (but is granted only to those that have not already been reduced) according to the following scale:

  • By purchasing products in the amount of more than 1,000 dinars, you will get a 5 % discount.
  • For purchases over 3,000 dinars, you will receive a 10 per cent discount.
  • If you buy products worth over 10,000 dinars, you will get a 15 per cent discount.
  • By purchasing products in the amount of more than 100,000 dinars, you will get a 20 per cent discount.


You Can Use Price Reductions:


Spring Discount Activity – Ideal Opportunity to Renew Cosmetics

Spring, as one of the most beautiful seasons, is usually associated with great decoration and tidying up of the house, change of wardrobe, etc. It is time for spring associations to get another connotation. Why shouldn`t it be a big tidy of cosmetic bags and cosmetic shelves?

In addition to tidying up your wardrobe, make a real refreshment among the makeup. Get rid of all lipsticks, mascaras and foundations that have expired or are damaged in any way and replace them with new ones. Treat yourself to a big makeup case full of your favourite lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes, face serums and all those products you love to use. If you have your own cosmetic and makeup favourites, now is the right time to get them. Also, the Big Spring Sale is ideal for buying the latest products at the lowest prices.

Spring discount - Alexandar Cosmetics
Photo: Freepik


Take advantage of the unique opportunity to purchase your favourite products and save up to 20 per cent. If you are a fan of the traditional way of shopping, visit shops throughout Serbia and the region, and if you prefer shopping online, our online shop is available 24 hours a day.

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