Permanent Makeup – Little Secrets of Always Beautifully Made up Face

Permanent makeup corrects facial features you are dissatisfied with by saving the time you would normally spend doing makeup. Permanent makeup is ideal for women who have a lot of responsibilities and want to always be neat.

Permanent makeup
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Permanent makeup can change the shape and colour of eyebrows, lip edges or even draw eyelid lines, similar to eyeliner by achieving a visual effect of greater volume.


What Is Permanent Makeup

The treatment process is similar to tattooing. Using small and sterile needles or a machine, a pigment (colour) is inserted into the surface layers of the skin thus correcting and beautifying the flaws on the face and body, too.

The procedure itself is not entirely painless. As with tattooing, the severity of the pain depends on the area where it is applied and your tolerance threshold. In order to alleviate the pain, prior to the treatment, a local anesthetic is applied to the part of the face where the correction is performed. The process of applying permanent makeup has progressed over time, and the colours used today are much better and more diverse. Therefore, the effect and the final result are better and longer lasting compared to the decade before. Herbal and mineral dyes are used, tested dermatologically and approved for the use in the field of cosmetics.

Modern devices enable accurate determination of the depth of pigment application in the skin during the procedure, so the asymmetrical eyebrows and light lips without clear contours go into oblivion. Even though it is called permanent, the makeup can be corrected and completely removed. The effect of this technique of full intensity lasts for two to three years after which it is necessary to repeat the treatment. Permanent makeup includes eyebrow drawing, lip contouring, eyeliner drawing on the lower and upper eyelid, permanent lipstick…


Who Is Permanent Makeup for

This cosmetic treatment is intended for both beautification and correction of imperfections. It is increasingly used by men, not just women. Permanent makeup can also cover hair loss, scars and capillaries on the body. However, the most common requirements are corrections on the face, such as drawing, filling, shading and highlighting of certain parts. It is recommended to anyone who would like to make minor changes to the face. Permanent makeup is perfect for those who have too many obligations and who would like to look beautiful, well-groomed, but also attractive at all times.


Most Common Corrections That Women Undergo Are:

  • Eyebrow drawing – improves the definition, shape and symmetry of the eyebrows
  • Lip contouring – a slight enlargement of the lips is achieved and the full pigment is strengthened and which begins fading with age
  • Eyelid contouring – when the lashes are thinned, the eye contour is recommended to make the look more expressive and the lashes look thicker


Who Do You Turn to for Advice

When it comes to permanent makeup, it is important to turn to experts with experience, so that the correction is performed professionally. After the treatment, the face should still look natural, but more beautiful. It is about the makeup achieving the natural look, not the effect of the stage makeup. Permanent makeup implies natural makeup at any time of day and night, without the fear the pigment will come off, smudge or change the shade. This treatment enhances the natural beauty of the face and contributes to a healthier and younger look. Therefore, it is crucial that the permanent makeup is done by an experienced and responsible person who has precise hand movements and knows the facial aesthetics well.

Permanent makeup
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Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Permanent eyebrow makeup is carried out by a micro needle and a permanent makeup machine. The eyebrow pigment is inserted under the skin creating a shadow effect. In this way, the definition and eyebrow shape stand out the most. Unlike this procedure, the micropigmentation of “hair per hair” makes thin and curved hairs in the direction of natural growth.


Japanese Eyebrow Drawing

The method of Japanese eyebrow drawing has become more popular than the classic eyebrow tattooing because in this way the most natural look is achieved on every face. By skillful drawing of thin and short lines, according to the principle “hair per hair,” the growth of natural hairs is stimulated with an increase in the density and size of the eyebrows. Japanese drawing promotes a defined arch and eyebrow shape, corrected asymmetries and filled gaps created by an improper plucking of the eyebrows. As a result, the whole face becomes more beautiful.

This technique is the most popular in the cosmetic world today, so it is not a coincidence that many ladies from Hollywood choose it. Unlike brow tattooing, the result of the Japanese drawing technique lasts shorter, which is not a bad thing, because it is very possible that you will want to change the shape of your eyebrows in a few years, even months.

When it comes to prices, they vary from salon to salon. Do not regret paying more if necessary, because it is permanent makeup after all. Choose the best option, not the cheapest one. When done professionally, it is impossible to distinguish natural eyebrows from those drawn by the Japanese tattoo technique. This procedure is almost painless, because a local anaesthetic is applied. Furthermore, the natural hairs merge with the drawn ones, thus creating a natural look effect.


Permanent Eye Makeup

Permanent eye makeup is a procedure that involves drawing of the upper or lower eyelids. This treatment gives the effect of lash increasing density, and the eyes become more accentuated and larger. When drawing eyelids, the goal is to fill in the gaps between thinned eyelashes, so that the eyes are more expressive, but without visible traces of the permanent makeup procedure.

Apart from drawing in the area of lashes with permanent makeup, shading can also be performed. Permanent eyeshadow, along with an eyeliner, creates the effect of always made up eyes. It is possible to choose the colour and thickness of the line, but due to its natural appearance, it is recommended to be as thin as possible. The permanent eyeliner should be discreet and inconspicuous on the lash line, and can be drawn along the entire length of the eyelid or partially. This is the procedure that will change the look of the whole face the most.


Permanent Lip Makeup

Permanent lip makeup is a solution for people who have light lips and imprecisely defined contours, or for those who want to change the shape and size of the lips, so that they will achieve greater volume and expressiveness, that is, the effect that the lipstick gives. It is possible to do contouring and filling of the lips, i.e. shading the surface of the whole lips with a certain pigment. The combination of these two treatments gives the best effect. You may choose the colour yourself, but experts will recommend the one that best suits your complexion.

Permanent lip makeup is an almost painless procedure. Firstly, it is advised to do the peeling, so the colour is better applied to the skin. Additionally, the lips are shaded and new contours are drawn along which the pigmentation procedure is performed. Only under a condition you are satisfied with the trial, permanent makeup is ought to be applied.

Permanent makeup for lips
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Permanent lip makeup lasts for several years, depending on the colour you choose, your age, lifestyle and metabolism. The colour that is applied to the skin fades over the time, and after a certain period, corrections are made. Unlike the eyebrow and eyelid makeup, where 10 to 20 percent of the colour is lost over time. With this technique of permanent lip makeup, the colour intensity weakens in a higher percentage. Ladies who want the effect of lipstick on the lips, it is necessary to make the correction after a month in order to strengthen the pigment.


Permanent Makeup Removal

Nowadays, permanent makeup removal is possible with a laser. Also a non-laser treatment with the help of a micro needle and the device that extracts the micro pigment from the skin. In the same way, old tattoos which need a correction are removed or they no longer look nice to anyone. After the method of removing the pigment, at the place where the permanent makeup was, a scab will appear and fall off on its own after a week. If the pigment is not completely removed, the procedure is repeated after a month or two. Usually, it completely disappears after two treatments. Former secrets of the beauty of Hollywood celebrities, such as permanent makeup, are now available to women around the world. It takes so little to feel and look prettier.

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