Drama and Glamour in Your Look – How to Choose and Apply False Eyelashes

Are you happy with the look of your natural lashes, or would you like them to be thicker and longer? Maybe you want to emphasize them further and give them a dose of glamour? Whatever your wishes are, here are some tips that can help you choose and apply false eyelashes correctly.

How to apply false eyelashes
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How to Choose False Eyelashes

There are several criteria by which you can choose false eyelashes, and we present the three most important ones. You will achieve the best effect if you combine the appropriate tips for all three rules correctly.

  1. The shape of your eyes – this is the primary criterion for the correct choice of lashes extension. Choose the ones that best follow the natural line of the eye and that will further emphasize your strengths.
  2. Extension durability – choose the lashes depending on what you want to achieve and how long you want your false lashes to last.
  3. Style and personal mark – the shape and length of the lashes you will use depends on your taste, style and the occasion for which you will wear them.


1. Shape of the Eyes

As for the shape of the eyes, cat or almond-shaped eyes are the most appreciative. This shape is attractive enough itself and whatever lashes you choose you will not go wrong. Any type, shape and length of lashes will only emphasize the natural beauty of your eye, and give the whole face an extra dose of elegance. If you are lucky with cat eyes, you can wear completely “crazy” and eccentric eyelash models on special occasions.

Our suggestion: Ardell Fabulous Lashes Madrid Lashes on the Strip with a combination of hairs in bronze and green shimmering shades, for an extra dose of glamour.

For everyday events, try Blush 0128 3D Lashes on the Strip, with hairs of different lengths. You can combine them with glitters for evening and festive occasions.

False eyelashes
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For small eyes, it is recommended the emphasis is on the length, and that the volume is enhanced by several individual lashes, positioned along the outer edge of the eyelid.

Our suggestion: Mega Flare Knot-Free Ardell Medium Black which are very easy to wear. With proper application, the extension can take weeks, because these false lashes are firm and waterproof.

Round eyes go best with lashes that are longer on the outer edges.

Our suggestion: Ardell Glamour 119 Lashes on the Strip that will give the eye an elongated and natural look, while increasing the length of the lashes.

If for any reason you avoid individual lashes, and you have small eyes, you can also use Ardell Edgy 401 Lashes on the Strip to make them visually bigger. They have hairs of different lengths, and the outer corners are especially emphasized for extra volume.

Large eyes can “carry” large and thick lashes, which will define them and, depending on the length and volume, give them a dose of elegance – or drama.

Our suggestion: 3D Strip Eyelashes BLUSH 0117 on the Strip on a strip with extremely densely placed long, synthetic hairs will give each makeup look a dose of drama and glamour.


2. Durability of the Extension: Single or Lashes on the Strip

Choose individual lashes when you want to enrich the look of your natural lashes. For volume and durability, it is best to use silk lashes and the Russian Volume extension method. For lashes that you will remove as soon as you return from the night out, choose lashes on the strip. They can be used several times.


3. Taste, Style and Personal Touch

If in the craziest night, or any other occasion, you want to try the lashes that will “jump out” of your usual makeup routine, then do it. Colorful, with glitters, pearls, zircons, feathers… Feel free to experiment.

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If you are unsure about choosing the lashes, try the ones that seem to fit what you need. You can always consult a professional makeup artist or seller.


Additional Tips and Tricks

  • Strip Lashes can always be shortened a bit. Cut off the part that is excess and adjust their length to the length of the eye.
  • In order to be applied, you will need the eyelash adhesive that is bought separately from the lashes.
  • Before applying the lashes, you can use a little mascara, so that your and false lashes are better combined.
  • Eye shadow and eyeliner, as a rule, are applied before the lashes. After the application, you can slightly fix the eyeliner, if necessary.


How to Adhere False Eyelashes

The procedure of eyelashes application depends on their type. Some, like individual ones, require more time, skill and knowledge, while some you can easily and quickly set up yourself. With lashes on the strip, things are simpler. After you have chosen the right length and shape, possibly cut off the excess and apply a little mascara on the natural lashes, take the lashes from the set and apply a little adhesive on their edge. Do not overdo the amount and be sure to wait for the adhesive to dry, otherwise, it will not stick. It is usually necessary to wait a minute to a minute and a half.


After they have dried, gently put the lashes along your natural lashes, with your fingers or tweezers. For instance, if you have long nails, then you will need tweezers. Adhere them from the middle first. Fix them, and then gently press them with the lid towards the outer and inner part of the eye.

If your eyes become watery after applying the lashes on the tape, or your lower and upper lashes get stuck, do not panic. Wait a while for the adhesive to dry and the eyes get used to the lashes. If problems persist, gently remove the lashes and reposition them.

Now all you have to do is enjoy your new look and take photos for Instagram.

False eyelashes

Be sure to share with us your experiences of applying and wearing false eyelashes. Do you have any tricks that can make the whole process easier? Share them with us in the comments.

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