International Dog Day – An Occasion for Additional Tenderness

The International Dog Day is celebrated today with the main goal to draw public attention to the responsible ownership and adoption of these animals. The Dog Day has been celebrated on August 26 for years in order to promote greater care for their health and protection on a global level. 

International dog day
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It is known that the dog has not always been a pet or a domestic animal. Archaeological research show that this intelligent and a very resourceful animal was domesticated more than 9000 years ago. Initially, he was a human guardian and an assistant in carrying out certain tasks. Nowadays he is one of the most popular pets. The fact that a dog is a man`s best friend is confirmed by a number of stories on loyalty and boundless love for the owner, even after he passes away.

Although dogs are capable of independent survival, they increasingly call for human attention. International and domestic organizations, including numerous associations for protection of animals, strive constantly to reduce the number of stray dogs. Bearing that intention in mind, August 26 was established as the Dog Day in 2004.


How to Mark the International Dog Day

The International Dog Day has been celebrated in various ways. A lot of people post pictures of their pets on social media on that very day. In that way, they express their gratitude to them showing everyone that their dog is the most beautiful, most interesting and dearest. Apart from this, various animal adoption activities are organized worldwide, so this day is an ideal occasion for a new four-legged friend to enter your living space. If you are not sure how to make your pet happy today, here are some of our suggestions.


Walking in Nature

Take your dog away for a long walk by the river, in a park or “tame wilderness” from the city crowds. If you are able, get in the car and drive yourself somewhere out of town, explore and meet new landscapes together. Your dog will surely be delighted, and you will enjoy the field trip and a mini adventure. Do not forget to provide your pet with adequate protection against ticks and other parasites.

International dog day - walking
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When returning home, make sure to brush your dog’s fur well to remove the dirt, leaves and pollen from the hair. Andis Flea Comb for Cats and Dogs which is designed to effectively remove dirt, fallen hair, and even fleas, can help you with that. It does not cause skin irritations and is suitable for all breeds of dogs and different types of hair.


Play in Society

There are about 800 different breeds of dogs in the world and most of them love to play. International Dog day is the perfect time to purchase a new toy or for a simple party with a stick and a ball in the backyard or park. Dogs adore to get the attention of their owners and the environment. Furthermore, a lot of people love kids and they are benevolent towards them, so this day is an ideal opportunity for the entire family to gather and have fun with the dog.


Lying in Bed

Maybe your dog is not in the mood to play and go for a walk today. Keep in mind that animals often imitate their owners and receive some of their characteristics, including moods. If you are not feeling happy today, it is probable he also won’t be happy to run out of the house either.

Dog in bed
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If you are one of those owners who do not allow their dogs to “hang around the house”, give your pet a little pleasure on this day. Let him sneak into your bed, sleep longer than usual and enjoy the activities he enjoys, too. The International Dog Day is celebrated only once a year.


Favourite Treat

Every dog has its favourite food. The International Dog Day is a great occasion to prepare a rich meal for your pet. Be careful he is not overeaten. Give your dog his favourite treat in limited quantities. In this way, you will show him your appreciation for all the love he gives you every day.


Bathing and Beautification

A responsible ownership implies much more than providing regular meals for your pet. Animal health care is very important. This day is ideal for you to show it. Dog bathing is a part of mandatory care and probably today is the right time for the summer fur refreshment. Prior to bathing, brush the hair well. Bear in mind that regular grooming of dogs is very important for maintaining a tidy appearance. If you are not skilled enough to do this work yourself at home, look for a local grooming centre and schedule a beauty treatment for your pet.

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Why Is Good to Have a Pet

It has been proved that pets contribute to the improvement of psycho-physical health of humans. Dogs require daily walking which encourages their owners to be constantly active. Long walks, running and playing with dogs in nature can be as strenuous as a serious workout in the gym. They are a great replacement for indoor training. Dogs bring joy and warmth to every home, promote communication and creativity, improve the condition and general health of their owners. They develop positive emotions and empathy in people. Dog owners have a developed sense of responsibility and a need to help others. Children who grow up with pets are a lot more communicative and sociable than those who do not have that privilege in childhood. They develop motor skills much faster and find it easier to get in touch with their environment. Moreover, these children are often more popular in society. Other toddlers love playing and hanging out with them, precisely because they have a dog, cat or other cuddly pet. Dog Day – an occasion to play. 

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Do you have a dog, too? Think about it and write to us if the International Dog day is a good enough reason for you to let a new pet into your home.

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