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Alexandar Cosmetics Montenegro – Years of Successful Cooperation

Alexandar Cosmetics has been successfully operating in Montenegro for several years, thanks to the company Elle Cosmetics, which is our only official distributor for this territory. Here you will find top-notch products.

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What Are Ceramides and Why Are They Important in Skincare

Ceramides – you have probably seen this term many times on declarations or advertisements of cosmetic products. If you have at least once wondered what its true meaning is, you are in the right place.

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Six Creams for Curly Hair – Hairdressers’ Recommendations

How many times have you wished you had straight hair when you unsuccessfully tried to “restrain” unruly waves or curls? If your answer is – a lot, this is the text for you. We reveal six creams for curly hair..

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The Most Beautiful Hairstyles for Long Hair

Do you want to change the way you style your hair, make a good impression and be trendy? If you like different hairstyles for long hair, but have that eternal dilemma – which one to choose, see our suggestions of the most beautiful hairstyles.

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Galaxy Professional at the Cosmetic Fair in Dubai

Galaxy Professional and Alexandar Cosmetics will present their products to the world public at the prestigious cosmetic fair in Dubai, from 31 October to 2 November. Accordingly, we organize a great discount promotion of “Galaxy Beautyworld”.

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October – the International Month of Fight against Breast Cancer

October is marked as the month of fight against breast cancer worldwide. In order to join this global campaign, we are organizing the course of action named “United in the Fight against Breast Cancer”.

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Five Reasons Why an Electric Shaver Is Better Than an “Ordinary” One

Think of shaving your beard for which you would not need a lot of time, not a single cosmetic product, and which will result in completely smooth skin, without cuts and irritations. This kind of shaving is possible by an electric shaver.

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Why Is Niacinamide Inevitable in Skin Care

Although its role in oily skin care is best known, niacinamide has multiple uses. This is a very valuable ingredient in face creams and serums. Discover what is niacinamide and the most important benefits of regular use of cosmetics with niacinamide below.

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Sunburns: How to Avoid and Cure Them

Sunburns are one of the main problems our skin faces in summer. There is practically no such person who has not experienced this displeasing situation at least once in a lifetime. Burns can have much more serious and long-lasting consequences.

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