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Sulfate-Free Shampoo – Is This the Best Choice for Your Hair

Surely you have heard many times about sulfate-free shampoo and stories about how sulfates are harmful to hair. Is it simply a myth or a reality? What makes a sulfate-free shampoo different from a classic hair wash product?

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Big Spring Discount Activity – Discount on the Entire Range

The big spring discount activity Hello Spring, with which you can save up to 20%, has just begun. This is a unique opportunity to buy cosmetic favourites, as well as to purchase completely new care and beauty products.

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How to Make a Hair Tint against Yellow Tones

Most of the blondes have met with the problem of unwanted yellow tones on their hair. This usually happens immediately after dyeing or after several washes. One of the solutions is the hair tint against yellow tones. Find out how to make it yourself.

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Andis Brand Is a Leader in the Barber World

Do you know the great jubilee in the world of the hairdressing and barber industry is marked this year? Andis brand and company, which is responsible for the first electric hair and beard clipper, is celebrating a centenary year.

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Irritation of Facial Skin after Shaving the Chin

Men who shave their beards regularly have encountered an unwanted reaction at least once – facial skin irritation. Skin irritations are caused by various factors, and it is good to know that you can avoid this situation. To mitigate unwanted effects, use after-shave care products.

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The Most Beautiful Gift for Women`s Day – Original Ideas

International Women`s Day is celebrated every year with a “flood” of flowers and sweets on the streets, but also in shops. No lady remains indifferent to the gift with which we show her love and respect.

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Every Hair Can Be Curly With a Perm

Many women who have straight hair would like to have curls. If you recognized yourself in the first sentence, it’s time for a perm. It is a professional hairdressing technique and the only successful way to curly hair for a long period of time.

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Dog Grooming – Fashion or Mandatory Part of Hygiene

Dog grooming, as an indispensable part of caring for the appearance and health of a pet, has multiple benefits for both the dog and the owner. Proper haircuts painlessly remove dead and worn hair, reduce excessive shedding and make it easier to comb the fur.

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What Problems Does Castor Oil for Hair Solve

Castor oil for hair is today rightly considered a miracle cure. It has multiple positive effects on hair. Above all, it enables its faster growth. In addition, castor oil helps the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes, and is also good for the skin.

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