The Best Ammonia-Free Hair Dyes

Ammonia-free hair dyes are an excellent choice for people with sensitive scalp or certain allergies, as well as for those who want long-lasting and shiny hair colour with minimal hair damage. Although it is not a new formula in the hairdressing industry, these products have become increasingly popular lately. In terms of covering grey hair, they have equally effective results as conventional dyes. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of these products? Which ammonia-free hair dyes are our favourites? The answers follow below.

Ammonia-free hair dyes
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To gain a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of different hair dyes, it is important to understand how they work.

Most permanent hair colours contain ammonia, a chemical compound that increases the pH value of the hair. This promotes the opening of the cuticle, allowing the dye to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. This results in more intense tones and longer-lasting effects, as the dye stays on the hair longer. It also allows greater efficiency in covering grey hair. These hair dyes are a good choice for a drastic colour change, as they provide better results faster. They have a complex pattern of colours, making it easy to find the desired shade. However, constant and frequent use of ammonia-containing hair dyes can damage hair cuticles. This causes the hair to become dry and rough. It also loses its shine, breaks and tangles easily.

Additionally, ammonia has an extremely intense, pungent, and unpleasant odour. It can have a negative impact on the skin and hair of individuals with sensitive scalps and damaged hair, causing redness and itching. In extreme cases, if inhaled, ammonia can cause irritation to the throat, nose, and eyes. These reasons were the starting point for the technologists who created ammonia-free hair dyes. Ammonia has been replaced by appropriate, less harmful substances. These dyes are gentler on the hair and skin, have less colour penetration into the hair shaft, and therefore cause less damage to the hair.


Are Ammonia-Free Hair Dyes a Good Option for You

The first ammonia-free hair dyes were not particularly effective in covering grey hair, and the colour would fade more quickly. Most of these products initially had a semi-permanent effect and a limited tone palette. By constantly improving and refining formulations, these limitations have been overcome. A solution has been found, providing permanent results which guarantee 100% coverage of grey hair. Today’s ammonia-free dyes have high coverage power, long-lasting dye intensity, and a wider selection of shades.

A healthier and gentler formula for beauty products is always a better option. If you are in doubt about whether to replace conventional hair dyes (with ammonia) with ammonia-free ones, reconsider your habits and requirements. If you are sensitive to ammonia, frequently dye your hair (more than once a month), and want healthier and shinier strands without specific colour demands – these dyes are perfect for you.


Five main reasons to use ammonia-free hair dyes:

  1. They are gentler to the scalp and cause less damage to the hair;
  2. They have a much more pleasant smell than ammonia-based dyes;
  3. They give hair a healthier appearance, including softness, shine, and bounce;
  4. They can be used on chemically damaged hair;
  5. They provide a natural-looking hair colour.

To achieve the best results, always choose high-quality hair dyes. Check out our recommendations below.


KYO Ammonia-Free Hair Dyes

KYO Ammonia-Free Hair Dyes cover grey hair up to 100% and provide intense, long-lasting, and shiny colour that does not fade after a few hair washes. They have a creamy texture allowing easy mixing and application on the hair. The colour catalogue consists of 67 shades with natural reflection, ranging from dark to extremely light tones. They can be easily mixed together to achieve medium tones, and in combination with correctors, a wider range of tones, including pastel shades, can be obtained.

KYO hair dyes do not contain ammonia and p-phenylenediamine (PPD), which makes them less harmful to the hair and scalp. The appearance of burning, itching, redness, and allergies is minimized when using them. These professional ammonia-free hair dyes are enriched with marine collagen and keratin, which prevents hair dehydration during colouring. Thanks to the combination of nourishing ingredients, the hair remains hydrated, shiny, soft, protected, elastic, and easy to style.

KYO - PPD and ammonia free hair dyes
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The best results in terms of consistency and colour intensity are achieved by combining the hair dye with the appropriate strength of KYO hydrogen which are also enriched with keratin and marine collagen that hydrate and soften the hair.


JJ’s Hair Dyes

Italian ammonia-free hair dyes from the JJ’s brand contain nourishing and nurturing extracts of organic immortelle and camomile. They are enriched with the PLEX complex, which further protects the hair from damage and provides a better colour consistency. Thanks to their unique composition, they are very gentle on the hair, making it soft and shiny, while providing maximum preservation of hair structure.

JJ’s Zero Ammonia Permanent Hair Dyes fully cover grey hair, giving a uniform, intense, and permanent dye that does not wash out. After dyeing, the hair remains smooth, shiny, and elastic, providing a healthy look and easy styling. They are available in 23 shades of natural and extremely shiny tones. Combined with toners and correctors from the same collection, it is easy to obtain pastel and lighter shades. The colours do not contain ammonia, have a very pleasant scent and a creamy texture.

Zero Ammonia - JJ´s hair color
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If you have an extremely sensitive scalp, a tendency towards irritation and redness, as well as allergies to other ingredients (aside from ammonia), a good option is JJ’s All Free Hair Dye collection. These permanent hair dyes do not contain PPD (p-phenylenediamine), ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, or silicone, making them particularly suitable for individuals with sensitive scalps, weak, thin, and damaged hair. They contain nourishing ingredients such as organic camomile and immortelle, as well as PLEX, which allow hair to be shiny, smooth, soft, and healthy.

They provide excellent results in covering grey hair, providing an even colour that does not fade. The catalogue consists of 24 shades, from intense black to light blonde.

JJ´s All Free colors
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If you are looking for an alternative to aggressive hair dyes and want to colour your hair with minimal negative impact on its health and appearance, and are not too picky about dyes and shades, ammonia-free hair dyes are an excellent choice.

They are not just a trend or marketing gimmick, but something that could become the only and permanent solution. With the constant focus on care and preservation of health, cosmetic companies are increasingly trying to eliminate ingredients that can be aggressive, seeking a gentler alternative. There is a possibility that in a few years, classic hair dyes which contain ammonia will no longer be in use.

What hair dyes do you use?

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