Why is sun protection for the hair so important – tips & tricks

External factors have a major impact on the appearance and health of hair. During the summer months, due to the increased intensity of UV radiation, sun protection for the hair is mandatory. At sea, we usually use face and body creams with SPF, but we forget that the hair also needs protection. By applying appropriate cosmetic products, you can prevent the appearance of dry, cracked and damaged hair.

Sun protection for the hair
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Healthy living involves not only eating healthy food and regular physical activity, but also being aware of the environment we live in. This means that we need to take certain steps to protect ourselves from the negative impacts of the external environment. Due to the damage to the ozone layer, UV radiation is increasingly pronounced. Daily skin protection is mandatory, it is equally important to protect the hair from the sun.

If you forget to use SPF creams during sunbathing, your skin will turn red immediately. Although the hair will not “burn” due to inadequate exposure to sun, UV rays can damage it. The effect of UV radiation on hair is not immediately visible, but the consequences are noticeable in the long run. Negative impacts are reflected in the dehydration of hair, the appearance of split ends and tangled strands, lack of volume and shine. Recovery of damaged hair is a time-consuming and often complicated and expensive process.

With a little more care about your health, you can prevent side effects, and postpone haircuts for a few more weeks or even a few months after returning from the sea. Below we present some useful tips for hair care in the summer, as well as product recommendations. With them, your hair will remain healthy and radiant even after the end of the summer season.


How Does the Sun Affect Hair

Increased, all-day exposure of hair to sunlight during the summer can have an extremely detrimental effect on its appearance. UV rays damage the keratin structure of the hair by weakening the protein bonds inside the hair, thereby increasing its porosity. This leads to weakening and drying of the hair, its cracking, a decrease in elasticity and loss of pigment. All this further results in the appearance of split ends, the hair becomes rough and easily tangled, loses shine, volume and natural level of humidity. Experts claim that UV rays can have a more harmful effect than the hydrogen used in intensive hair lightening treatments.

The negative effect is even more noticeable in combination with the harmful effect of excessive exposure of hair to chlorinated and/or salt water. This is especially noticeable in hair that has been previously damaged due to various chemical and/or mechanical processes. The procedures that can damage hair are bleaching and dyeing or too frequent use of hair straighteners or curlers.

To prevent damaged keratin bonds inside your hair, protecting your hair from the sun (heat and UV radiation) should become your daily routine. There are several ways to do this:

  • During hours of exposure to sunlight, wear hats, scarves or caps. This will protect the scalp and roots of the hair from the direct effects of UV radiation. Choose airy, light and natural materials, to avoid increased sweating of the scalp and greasing of the hair.
  • Choose hair care products carefully, especially taking care of hydration and protein nutrition. To further moisturize and strengthen your hair, use shampoos, masks and balms that are enriched with natural oils, minerals, vitamins, keratin, hyaluronic acid and similar ingredients.
  • During the summer, be sure to use adequate preparations to protect your hair from the sun, which contains UV filters. These products coat the hair with a protective film that absorbs harmful rays, preventing them from penetrating the hair structure and damaging the hair.
How to protect hair from the sun
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The Best Sun Protection for the Hair – Products Recommendation 

There are numerous preparations on the market to protect hair from the sun, which also have additional, nourishing benefits. They moisturize and nourish the hair, giving it radiance and reliable protection. Most of these products are suitable for all hair types, and there are preparations intended for the specific requirements of each individual. They are available in the form of serums, masks, sprays and creams to protect hair from the sun.


These are our favourites

  • KYO Spray 10 in 1 for Hair Recovery with protective UV filters and hyaluronic acid, which has multiple uses. It is very practical, easy to apply and does not wash off. It nourishes, moisturizes and softens hair, facilitates styling and combing of tangled strands, soothes unruly hair, reduces the appearance of split ends and protects the hair from heat and negative external influences, making the hairstyle more durable.
  • Urban Care Intense Keratin Damaged Hair Serum can be used as a non-rinse treatment or a mask for intensive care of dry hair. A light, vegan formula without parabens, with a high concentration of plant keratin, deeply nourishes the hair, makes it smooth, shiny and soft, reduces the appearance of split ends and eliminates the appearance of static electricity. It is absorbed quickly, does not weigh down the hair, leaving no grease, and giving it a silky appearance. It contains UV filters and makes the hair resistant to damage, providing reliable protection against heat. It facilitates combing, intensively restores dry and damaged hair, and can also be used for extra shine during styling.
  • Ronney Color Repair shampoo, hair mask and conditioner contain UV filters that protect hair from the sun. They are specially designed for damaged and coloured hair. All products contain a cherry extract that nourishes and protects the hair colour.
Hair protect from sun
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How do you care for your hair during the summer months? Do you regularly use sun protection for the hair? Is protecting your hair from the sun on your list of priorities when it comes to hair care? Share with us your opinion on this topic.

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