What Is the Best Hair Brush And How To Recognize It

If you think that a hairbrush is the least important for the look and health of your hair – you are wrong. If you think you can use any brush for different purposes – you are wrong. If you think that every brush is suitable for everyone’s hair – yes, you are wrong again.

How much do you actually know about hair brushes and combs? Don’t worry, we didn’t know everything either, so we asked professionals to explain the main differences among them. It turned out that this is a very extensive topic, so we focused in more detail on brushes for combing hair. We asked hairdressers to give us product recommendations for different types of hair. Everything we learned we shall share with you in this blog. We reveal what all these hair brushes are for and how to recognize the best one.

Which hair brush is the right one for you
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In short, the best hairbrush is the one that does not pull one`s hair. All professional hairdressers, as well as users, agree with this statement. Regular combing of the hair is a mandatory part of care and it is very important that strands are not pulled and that the hair is not further broken and damaged during this process. Therefore, we shall help you to correctly choose the brush that suits your hair type and shape.


What Each Hair Brush Is Used For

Hair brushes of different sizes and shapes, made from a variety of materials, are available on the market. Depending on this, they can be used for different purposes. For easy and painless combing, without damaging the hair, the shape, size, and arrangement of the teeth are most important. Also, what the teeth are made of is rather relevant.


The shape itself and handle of the brush, as well as the materials from which these elements are made, are not decisive, but are significant due to other factors. For example, brushes that have an ergonomic shape and fit nicely in the hand can significantly facilitate use, especially for those who have long and thick hair. Brushes made of bamboo are the most common choice for vegans, while people who care a lot about ecology and environmental protection choose brushes made of recyclable materials. Such brushes and combs for hair have become a real hit worldwide, and in our assortment, you will find the BIOutiful Collection of the INFINITY Brand. These products are made from a combination of biodegradable plastic and natural materials, such as wheat straw, coconut husk fibers, ground coffee…


So, when buying a brush for combing hair next time, first pay attention to the size, density, arrangement, and quality of the teeth. Only then pay attention to the design of the brush itself (shape, colour, material). Below we will give basic guidelines that will help you find the best brush for your hair.


Universal Hair Brush

For easy combing of all types of hair, the basic rule applies – the brush should have a dense arrangement of teeth. It is desirable that the they are of different lengths. This prevents hair breakage. Also, it is important that the teeth are not too thick, so as not to tangle the hair.

According to our hairdressers, the INFINITY BIOutiful Paddle Brush for Combing is perfect for all types and lengths of hair. This hairbrush with natural hair and flexible silicone teeth is ideal for daily combing. It does not pull the hair. The balls at the ends of longer teeth gently massage the head. In this way, circulation and healthy hair growth are stimulated, which is an additional benefit.

Also, one of the main favourites of professional hairdressers is the MACADAMIA No Tangle Hairbrush, which has densely arranged and extremely flexible silicone teeth of different lengths. Thanks to the combination of longer and shorter soft and flexible teeth, this brush slides very easily through the hair. It is suitable for combing dry, wet, and very tangled hair.


Hair Brush for Curly Hair                             

Curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair. It tangles quickly and is easily breakable, so it is necessary to carefully choose a brush for combing curls. This brush must not pull and tear strands, nor be harsh on the hair. Also, it is important that it does not create static electricity, which can further damage the hair.

For easy combing of curly hair, choose a brush with silicone teeth, which are not too dense. Our hairdressers recommend the INFINITY Brush of a specific shape, which is created for curly and wavy hair. It has rounded and flexible teeth, which are gentle on the hair and scalp. The density of the teeth (their arrangement) can be adjusted to the shape of the curls, thanks to a small addition for adjusting the width of the brush head. It can be used on both wet and dry hair, and is available in black and pink colour.

By combing naturally curly hair with this brush, the best effect is achieved. The curls become nicely defined, and the hair becomes fuller, as it is practically separated into strands and the curls get a natural “feathery” look.

Curly hair brush
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Combing Long and Thick Hair

Long and thick hair is extremely demanding in terms of care. An obligatory part also implies proper combing of strands, which can be challenging due to the large amount of hair. It is desirable that combing does not take up much time and does not cause fatigue in the hands. Therefore, for combing long hair, it is recommended to use a large, wide brush with rounded teeth and a soft cushion.

For long and thick hair, hairdressers advise using the COMAIR Jumbo Square Brush, which is light and has an anti-slip handle. Thanks to the large (wide) surface, long, thick, and wide strands of hair are quickly combed. Firm teeth with ball-shaped tips do not scratch the scalp. They easily pass through the strand, and do not pull the hair, thereby preventing the damage.

How to find the best hair brush
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Brush for Thin and Fragile Hair

Thin hair is usually extremely light, easily breakable, and prone to static electricity, which is why it tangles very easily. It often lacks volume, so the correct choice of brush for daily use is an extremely important factor.

From our hairdressers, we learned that for thin and delicate hair, it is necessary to use a brush with very thin, flexible silicone teeth, which do not create electricity. Also, hairdressers advise that the teeth are rounded, i.e., that they contain balls at the ends, to gently massage the (sensitive) scalp and lightly lift the hair at the root, giving it volume. Their recommendation for thin hair is the INFINITY BIOutiful Spiral Brush for Combing Hair, which has thin and flexible nylon teeth, with ball-shaped tips made of epoxy resin. The body of the brush itself is slightly flexible, thanks to the hollow, spiral shape. It allows the brush to adapt to the shape of the hair and head during combing. In this way, friction is reduced and the occurrence of static electricity is prevented.


Gentle Bristles for Combing Children’s Hair

In conversation with hairdressers, we could not bypass the topic of combing children’s hair, which is (especially baby hair) extremely soft, delicate, and light. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose brushes for combing their hair. It is very important that they have soft and flexible rounded teeth, which must not scratch the sensitive scalp.

Our hairdressers are delighted with INFINITY BIOutiful Mini Hair Brushes which have thin, extremely flexible silicone teeth, whose tips are in the shape of balls, so they do not scratch the scalp. They are very light in the hand and are available in several pastel shades. What makes them particularly attractive (especially for children) is the design itself – they remind of smiling octopuses.

Baby hairbrush
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After all the acquired knowledge about hair brushes that we have received from professional hairdressers, we could talk about this topic for days. However, we shall take a break here. In one of the following posts, we will write about brushes for shaping, blow-drying, and styling different types of hair.

Have you already found the best combing brush or are you still looking for it? Write to us which hair brushes are your favourites and why.

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