How To Make Boxer Braids

Boxer braids, dreadlocks, and “afro pigtails” in color are a real hit in recent years. These creative hairstyles are particularly popular during the summer months and open-air music festivals. They are very practical, effective, and suitable for all occasions: going to training and sporting events, daily outings, evening parties, but also for any celebrations and formal events.

Boxer braids
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Boxer braids are loved by the world and domestic music and film stars. If they can, why can’t we?! Here’s how to braid them.

Below we explain the process of creating classic and modern braids along the head and present several suggestions for unique and modern hairstyles with synthetic hair for braids.


Boxer Braids – Step by Step

Classic boxer braids are very simple to make and are braided along the head, similar to a “fishbone,” with one small, but important difference (which we will describe below). Even those who are not very skilled can easily make this hairstyle on their own. If you are skilled in making braids, it will take you a maximum of 10-20 minutes for two braids.


Step 1

First, divide your hair into two equal sections down the middle of your head (from forehead to the nape). Try to make the hair parting as precise as possible. A comb with a thin needle can help you with this. Then take one section of your hair and bring it forward, tying it in a ponytail so that the strands do not get mixed in with the other section while braiding. First make one braid all the way to the end, and then the other one.

How to make boxer braids
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A small tip! If your hair is freshly washed and fluffy, use a suitable product for smoothing your hair, or calming down disobedient strands and reducing static. It is best to use a cream, wax, or gel that does not have too firm a structure. Avoid liquid products like crystals and oil, as your hair will absorb them quickly and become too smooth. When creating the hairstyle, the strands will slip from your hands, making it difficult to braid them.

Our recommendation is to use Totex Styling Powder Wax, which mattifies the hair, gives it volume and makes it easier to shape. This product is suitable for use on oily hair, as it will mattify and refresh it, and therefore extend the life of the hairstyle.


Step 2

Boxer braid is interlaced along the head, starting from the forehead and all the way to the nape.  Then, the interlacing of the strands runs down the entire length of the hair.

At the halfway of the hair that you have not tied in a ponytail, take a thin strand directly above your forehead and divide it into three equal sections. In boxer braids, the strands are placed one under the other (not over). So, first place one outer strand under the middle one, and then do the same with the other outer strand. Then, take one smaller strand of hair from the sides, combining them with the ones you have braided before and continue braiding along the head. It is important to always move the strands one under the other (outer under middle) and not over as in “fishbone” braid.

Boxer braids - how to
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 Step 3

When interlacing the strands, make sure to evenly pull the hair from all sides. Classic boxer braids are tight and firm, so that the hairstyle lasts for several days. When you have braided all the strands along the head (to the nape), continue to interlace the hair to the very end. Then tie the braid with a transparent silicone band or hair-colored rubber band. For an extra touch of elegance, tie a ribbon made of satin in your desired color over the rubber band.

Repeat the process with the other section of hair that you initially tied in a ponytail. Make sure that the braids are symmetrical and tightly braided, to achieve the best effect. To make the hairstyle last longer, you can apply hair spray at the end, which will further secure the braids.


Boxer Braids with Extensions

Once you master the technique of making boxer braids, you will definitely want to create even more creative hairstyles. For example, instead of two, you can braid three braids or many more, and place one in the middle of the head and the rest evenly distributed on the sides.

You can also embellish the braids with attractive colors using hair extensions. In addition to a more attractive look, this will give your hair more volume. Even thin hair can look lush and attractive with extended boxer braids. Besides, for more fullness and volume of hair, you can gently pull out a few strands from the braids on the side to achieve the effect of “tousled” braids and loose hairstyles.

Box braid hair
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Only your imagination, creativity, skill, and patience are the limits. Apart from boxer braids, you can create an unlimited number of different hairstyles with colored synthetic hair. If you have enough patience and time, you can braid your entire hair in small braids and then tie them in a ponytail or let them fall freely like “afro” pigtails. You can also easily create combinations of different shapes, widths, and braid colors. The possibilities are endless.

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Who Are Boxer Braids Good for

Boxer braids suit everyone, regardless of hair type, shape, and length. They also look great on all face shapes, skin tones, and ages. Both girls and boys can wear them. An additional advantage of these hairstyles is that you can wear them with any outfit. By choosing the color, shape, and length of the braid, you also choose your style, creating a new image every time.

Boxer braids are a good base for creating very effective and diverse hairstyles throughout the year. If you use hair extensions when making braids, you can get a completely new hairstyle every time. You can match the color of synthetic hair, for example, with the color of your dress, shoes, or make a complete contrast. Also, for more subdued styling, you can use a shade closest to your hair color to give it more volume and length. The choice is yours, and summer is the perfect time to try these bold hairstyles.

Play with colors, lengths, and other combinations to achieve the desired effect. With synthetic braiding hair, anyone can have an effective and modern hairstyle, regardless of the color, length, and appearance of natural hair.

Blue boxer braids
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Do you also like boxer braids, pigtails and other modern hairstyles? Write to us how you make them and for what occasions.

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