Foot Care in a Few Simple Steps

Foot care, as an integral part of every pedicure treatment, means much more than proper hygiene. It is just as important as hand care and hygiene and you should not neglect it during the winter (under the pretext that no one will see your feet then).

Proper foot care does not start before the season of flip-flops and sandals, when our heels are most exposed to curious looks, but lasts throughout the year. To make your feet beautiful, neat and gentle to the touch, do a home pedicure once a week. If you have corns, warts, ingrown toenails and similar changes on your feet, do not try to remove them yourself. Such changes, in addition to proper care, also require the treatment. Consult a dermatologist and schedule a medical pedicure with a professional beautician.

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Research projects show that as many as 60 percent of women hide their feet because they are not satisfied with their appearance. One due to the lack of self-confidence, and the other due to the lack of adequate care. The research also shows that men are extremely fond of well-groomed and beautiful women`s feet. As many as 47 percent of them have a foot-related fetish. Do you also hide your feet because of the cracked heels and dry skin? In order for the skin to be soft and smooth, it needs constant hydration. With a few simple steps and the advice of a professional pedicure masters, your feet can become gentle.


Regular and Proper Hygiene

For a beautiful and healthy appearance of your feet, the daily hygiene and foot washing are very important. Proper care means avoiding hot water and aggressive soaps and baths. Choosing pedicure cosmetics is just as important as choosing cosmetics for facial care. Opt for products that suit your skin. After each shower and foot wash, be sure to dry your feet well. Wipe off all the water with light movements of a towel, and pay a special attention to the space between your toes. Humid environment is the area where fungi and bacteria develop and multiply most easily, which is a common cause of infections and unpleasant foot odor. Be sure to wipe your feet thoroughly after a pedicure or bath before jumping into your favorite shoes.


Foot Care on a Weekly Basis

A regular pedicure is the best way to gentle feet and the sooner you start applying this treatment once a week, the sooner you will notice a change. Pedicure is also suitable for relaxing the whole organism and relieving fatigue and tension after a stressful and hard day. You do not need the knowledge of a beautician, nor special equipment to enjoy home SPA treatments.

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1. Take a Warm Bath

Pour warm water and a foot bath into a deep bowl or foot spa. For the complete effect of enjoyment and relaxation, add a small amount of a pedicure salt, then soak your feet for a few minutes. This will soften the skin, facilitate further treatment and remove thickening from the soles.

Our suggestion: Spa Natural Foot Bath with urea and lavender oil which thoroughly cleans and disinfects the feet, with a nourishing effect. Urea softens and hydrates the skin, while the lavender oil has a relaxing and soothing effect.


2. Exfoliate Your Feet

After having a bath, the skin remains soft and ready to remove dead cells and hard thickening. Peeling and a suitable file can help you with that.

Our suggestion: Spa Natural Foot Scrub with Salt Crystals which is applied in pedicure treatments to remove dead cells and alleviate roughness. It contains particles of the coconut shell powder, which promotes circulation, stimulates recovery and regeneration of the skin, leaving the feet silky smooth. Apply the peeling on wet feet and massage the product lightly. Then use a pedicure file to remove all skin residues and rinse your feet thoroughly with clean water.


3. Do not Forget about Foot Care after a Pedicure

After peeling, be sure to apply a moisturizer on your feet. This will deeply nourish the skin cells and protect them from drying out and cracking.

Our suggestion: Spa Natural Foot Cream with a high percentage of urea (15%), which has an antibacterial and soothing effect on the skin. The cream is also enriched with lanolin, which accelerates the hydration of dry skin, stimulates its recovery and makes it soft and smooth. You can use it daily after taking a shower, to enhance the skin`s hydrating effect. Apply the appropriate amount of product on clean and dry feet whilst rubbing it gently.

Spa Natural Foot Care
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The daily care about appearance and health means much more than a beautiful, radiant and tighten face. Well-groomed feet and neat toenails speak much more about your character and attitude towards your own health, than a nicely made-up face. Nurture your feet as well as you nurture your face, because they carry and guide us through the life.

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