Body Hydration – the Secret of a Healthy and Radiant Appearance

The first signs of body dehydration are seen on our skin, hair and nails. This occurs for several reasons. However, there are effective ways to avoid this. Regular hydration of the body on several different levels is crucial for our health.

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If your lips are often dry, this is the first indicator the body is struggling with a lack of water. Rapid hydration of the body by drinking water, or lemonade, in small sips can help instantly. However, it does not give effective results for a longer period of time. You ought to change your life habits; starting with the food regimen, all the way to the manner you take care of your face and body.

When it comes to hydrating the body, people often make mistakes and think that it is enough to just drink two liters of water a day. Even if you have a healthy lifestyle, without alcohol, cigarettes and unhealthy foods, you need extra hydration. The loss of water from the body can only be a warning that we are not doing something properly, or a consequence of more serious health problems.

The lack of skin moisture occurs especially in summer, when all living beings need extra water. High temperatures are the reason why moisture evaporates faster from the body. Therefore, body hydration must be performed both internally and externally.

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The intake of sufficient quantities of fluids during the hot months is essential for the prevention. However, this is often not enough and it is necessary to increase the hydration of the skin with cosmetic products which are not just an advertising trick of pharmaceutical and beauty companies. They really improve the quality of life and should be used by everyone, both women and men as a daily care routine.


How to Choose a Good Cosmetic Product for Skin Hydration

For the proper choice of cosmetics, it is important to know your skin (what type it is, how you react to certain ingredients, whether you have allergies, etc.). Whilst purchasing any product, pay attention to the declaration when reading its purpose and the composition. Hydration products are formulated to retain water in the skin cells.

They usually contain some of the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin C – increases collagen synthesis and has an antioxidant effect.
  • Collagen – renews skin cells, increases its firmness and radiance.
  • Hyaluronic acid – improves the texture and elasticity of the skin.
  • Shea butter – protects the skin from external influences and drying.
  • Glycerin – moisturizes and regenerates the skin.
  • Elastin – prevents water loss and aging.
  • Coconut oil – nourishes and heals the skin.
  • Almond oil – makes the skin hydrated, soft and smooth.
  • Hemp – promotes natural skin moisture.
  • Argan oil – revitalizes, renews and softens dry skin.
  • Aloe vera – nourishes and heals damaged skin.


Body Hydration through Skin Hydration of the Body

We are often unaware of the fact that our skin is dry, and we usually realize that too late. We commonly see this when a change in diet and increased water consumption do not give quick results. In the search for instant solutions, we normally grab the first cream we find and apply it on the dry skin of our feet and hands. However, that is not sufficient. Skin hydration of the body is an ongoing process. The use of body lotion and milk helps us with this. If you apply them properly, you will avoid skin dehydration, even in extreme weather conditions.

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It is important that hydration with creams is done immediately after showering. A good moisturizer, oil or body lotion will retain natural moisture in the skin cells. Furthermore, it will additionally nourish the outer layer of the skin and thus prevent rapid drying. Therefore, creams and lotions are applied to dry and clean skin, no later than 10-15 minutes after each shower.

If you have extremely dry, dehydrated skin, our recommendation is to use products that do not contain alcohol, parabens and silicones. These ingredients could further dry it out. Moisturizing hand and body lotion with argan oil restores the lipid layer of the skin, protecting it from negative external influences. It provides intensive twenty-four-hour hydration, tones, regenerates and balances skin nutrition, preventing dryness and flaking. This lotion reduces wrinkles and fights the signs of premature skin aging. With regular use, the skin becomes more elastic, softer and fresher.

It has happened to all of us to be in a rush, have no time, or we just forget to apply body lotion. Therefore, it would not be bad to keep these products in the bathroom and use them immediately after taking a shower. If it happens to skip this step sometimes, don’t worry. It is important to take care that the lack of body hydration with the lotion does not become a habit. Bad habits are the most difficult to change and bring damage to the whole body.


Additional Body Hydration

For more intensive hydration of the body, use INSIGHT Skin Shower Gel which deeply promotes and nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. It is intended for everyday use on all skin types. The light texture ensures a fast absorption and maintains the natural level of moisture.

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After showering, lightly, in circular motions, massage into the skin INSIGHT Nourishing Skin Oil that is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy residue. It contains argan oil which improves the appearance and health of the skin.

If you prefer the creamy structure of a body care product, try the INSIGHT Skin Nourishing Body Cream. Every day, after showering, apply the appropriate amount of cream and massage it into the skin. This cream has a light texture, nourishes and hydrates the skin, giving it an instant feeling of freshness. After application, the skin remains soft and gentle to the touch.


Body Scrub to Combat Dry Skin

The skin is an organ that has the ability to regenerate and cleanse itself by rejecting dead cells. That is why small scale-like flakes remain on the surface of our body, which are sometimes not visible to the “naked eye”. Regardless of the season and the visible condition of your skin, you should regularly do a full body scrub treatment. In this way, dead cells and hard-to-reach impurities are removed, circulation is improved and the skin is softened. After the scrub treatment, more intensive absorption of moisturizing creams and serums is enabled.

The scrub is applied to clean and moist skin, after showering. It is necessary to massage it into the skin with light circular movements and after a few minutes, rinse with warm water.

After intense sunbathing in the summer season, there is usually a more noticeable flaking of the skin. Then the application of scrub products should be intensified. Our recommendation is to use the coffee scrub in that case, which also helps to reduce pigmentation spots and even out the complexion.

For effective removal of dead skin cells during each shower, use exfoliating gloves. In addition to removing dead cells, these gloves stimulate circulation and help fight cellulite.


Hydrating Hand Creams

Our hands are most exposed to harmful external influences (wind, cold, UV rays). They are in a constant contact with water, detergents and chemicals, as well as microbes and impurities from the environment. That is why the signs of aging were first seen on the hands.

In order to postpone the visible aging process for as late as possible, we must take care of our hands every day. This means that everyone needs skin moisturizer, regardless of gender or age. It should be available to us at all times.

To keep your hands smooth and soft to the touch, treat them, at least twice a day, with hand care products. Proper care involves applying the cream to dry and clean, pre-washed, hands. If you have a problem with dry skin, use nourishing lotions several times during the day.

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A Step Further for Hand Hydration

For a complete recovery of cracked and dry skin on the hands, beauticians advise applying the cream prior to going to bed and wearing cotton gloves. The gloves create a sauna effect and expand the pores, so that the active ingredients reach deeper into the skin structure. The cells are nourished and renewed overnight, and the result is gentle and soft skin on the hands. This treatment has positive effects on nails and cuticles.

Even if you do not have problems with cracked skin on your hands, you should occasionally nourish your skin in this way, especially in the winter. For this purpose, we suggest using a creamy serum for hands and nails. The product is intended for all skin types and contains argan oil, which restores the structures of nails and cuticles, stimulates the natural recovery of the skin and significantly slows down aging. When using this cream on a daily basis, the pH balance is established, the skin is regenerated and becomes soft and smooth.


Hydration with Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is one of the best ingredients found in cosmetic products for hydration and anti-aging. This active substance has been used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry for years. Lately, it is becoming more and more popular, because it suits all skin types.

Why is hyaluronic acid so beneficial? It is a complex sugar that is naturally found in the composition of our body. It binds to water and retains it in the skin like a sponge. Hyaluronic acid is present in the skin, joints and cartilage, but its concentration in our body weakens with age. That is why it is important that, after the age of 30, we enter hyaluronic acid molecules through cosmetic products. You will find everything about hyaluronic acid and skincare with this polysaccharide on our blog. Hyaluronic acid provides firmness and elasticity, prevents the loss of vital moisture and improves the protective properties of the skin.

Hydrating body lotion with hyaluronic acid REVUELE Hydralift Hyaluron


Hydrating body lotion with hyaluronic acid intensively nourishes and rejuvenates the skin. It is used after the body scrub treatment for deep hydration. It is especially suitable for dry, cracked and damaged skin, because it does not contain parabens, alcohol and silicones.

From the same collection REVUELE Hydralift Hyaluron you will find all face and body care products. They are based on pure hyaluronic acid and are intended for intensive cell nutrition.


Hydration of Face Skin

The face should be hydrated daily, by applying creams with active substances that prevent excessive water loss.

Deep hydration of the face is a thorough procedure that leads to the renewal and refreshment of skin cells. For that purpose, special face masks are commonly used, whose nutrients penetrate deep into the skin structure. The mask is applied to a clean and dry face, left on for 15-20 minutes and then rinsed off. Nourishing creams and oils are then applied to the face. After this treatment, the skin looks soft and rejuvenated.

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For a more complete effect, beauticians also advise a light face massage during the treatment. In that way, the circulation is stimulated, which means that the nutrients from the product are better absorbed into the skin.

People who have extremely dry face skin are recommended to visit beauty salons. Professionals use special face and body devices for facial treatments that inject active substances from cosmetic preparations deep into the skin. Thus, the direct cells hydration is done, which rejuvenates them, and restores the natural moisture and radiance of the face.


Hydration of the Lips

Dry lips are one of the first indicators of the condition of our body. In order to always be ready for makeup and kisses, they must be nourished every day. A basic lip care actually comes down to hydrating them. The skin on the lips is thin and sensitive, and it needs a daily hydration with creams and balms. A good lip care product does not create a feeling of “weight” and helps regenerate the damaged skin.

Lip balms nourish and protect the lips from various external factors by providing their long-lasting hydration.

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It is true that lips dry out the most and crack in winter due to the cold to which they are constantly exposed, and in summer due to high temperatures. However, proper care means regular hydration throughout the year. In that way, we prevent the appearance of chapped lips during winter and summer.

If a side effect does occur, there is a solution. From time to time, do a gentle scrub of the lips, to remove dead skin cells and improve the circulation. For this you need a little sugar and a few drops of water (or honey). Rub the mixture in gentle, circular motions, let it stand for a minute or two and rinse with lukewarm water.

This procedure lasts only a few minutes, and contributes a lot to a more beautiful and healthier appearance of the lips, and even the whole face. The scrub treatment is also an excellent preparation of the lips for makeup. After the treatment, be sure to use a balm or lip oil.


Hair Hydration

This term refers to the regular use of care products, which will nourish the hair and provide it with the necessary moisture. Hair hydration at home is not a complicated process at all. You need to “arm” yourself with shampoos, masks and balms that will additionally nourish your hair and prevent it from drying out excessively. After deep care, the hair will regain the necessary moisture and will be silky and shiny.

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Finally, to summarize: everyone needs hydration of the body. The use of lotions, creams and other cosmetic products should be a part of the daily routine and regular care of every man and woman.

Water is the source of life and is necessary for everyone, even our cells. Magical definition: drink two liters of water a day – it is not enough for complete and proper hydration of the body. In order for our skin and hair to retain the necessary moisture, they need hydration both outside and inside. Hydration of the body with creams gives effective results and meets the needs of modern society.

What rules do you follow when it comes to hydrating the body? Do you take care of your skin regularly?

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