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Natural Keratin Hair Extension VIDAHAIR 50-55cm 25pcs

  • Code: 25147

Vidahair extension with keratin is 100% natural, 100% REMY hair, with the hair cuticles adjusted in complete harmony with the natural hair growth. The extension blends with the natural hair flawlessly. The quality and the extension methods make application and removal easy, not damaging the natural hair in the process. With regular treatment with adequate hair extension care products and brushing with brushes for extensions, VidaHair extensions last for a long time, do not tangle and are easily maintained.



  • Length: 50/55 cm
  • Packaging 25 pcs

Note: Due to variety of devices and display calibration, the color presented on the screen may slightly differ from the real color shade.

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  • Hair extensions with keratin for professional use
  • Extensions are applied to clean, dry and blowdried hair, without using additional cosmetics, after shampooing
  • If the hair is dirty or greasy, keratin may not adhere as well as it should, which can result in weak attachment
  • After attaching first 5 strands with keratin, it is necessary to wait for 20 to 30 minutes, to check if keratin performs
    in accordance with the quality
  • Hair extensions should be taken care of using specialized cosmetics for hair extensions, following advice of professionals (hair dressers or shop assistant)
  • Hair extensions must be taken care of properly
  • Considering that hair extensions are not "living hair", it needs daily care and detangling (in case the hair tangles and
    has knots, it is considered to be the result of inadequate care)
  • Hair extensions must be washed using special technique
  • When the hair is in its natural fall, it is cleaned moving fingers in one direction, without rubbing
  • Hair moisturizing is a must (using conditioner or mask, 2-5 cm starting from the roots; rinsing must be performed while the hair is in its natural fall, from roots to ends)