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Gel Polish UV/LED GALAXY Hybrid 7ml

La Bele Epoque S630
  • Code: 34094

Galaxy LED/UV gel polish is an innovative combination of gel UV, properties available in a fantastic range of colors.

Offering a high gloss finish alongside superior, long-lasting performance, our UV Hybrid range will revolutionize the way you manicure your nails. High-technology production, specially selected and prepared pigments make GALAXY gel polish top one quality off all hybrid products on cosmetics market.

In order to avoid "creeping" with darker shades of gel lacquer (black, white, dark green, dark purple), it is recommended to apply in two evenly thin layers and dry a lot of drying time.

Pay particular attention to the use of the UV lamp of 36 W.


  • Easy application
  • High gloss finish
  • No chipping
  • No smudging 
  • Curing time in LED/UV lamp 30 sec
  • Curing time in UV lamp 2 min

Note: Due to variety of devices and display calibration, the color presented on the screen may slightly differ from the real color shade.

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  • The base is dried in the lamps
  • Applay a thin layer of color avoiding the part around the cuticle and closing the free and foreign edges
  • Dry in the lamp
  • If necessary, repeat the procedure
  • Close the nail finish with top coat
  • Cleans a nail white cleanser

Acrylates Copolymer,Isopropyl Alcohol, Butyl Acetate, DImethicone, Microcrystalline Wax, CI 15880, CI77491, CI77492, CI77891, CI77163, CI77007, CI77266

  • Can gel polish be applied directly to the nail? 

No. Galaxy gel polishes are never to be applied directly on the nail bed. To achieve better longevity of the product, it is necessary to firstly apply and cure gel polish base. In case of extremely thin and flexible nails, it is recommended to use Galaxy Rubber nail base.


  • Is it necessary to cleanse gel polish on the nail?  

It is not necessary to cleanse Galaxy gel polishes. After the last gel polish layer, apply gel polish Top Coat. In case of using No Cleanse Top Coat, it is not necessary to cleanse the top coat. In every other case, cleanse is obligatory and it is recommended to use Galaxy Cleanser.


  • Why does gel polish get "crinkled" on the nail? 

This may occur with several shades, that are extremely pigmented, such as white, black, dark-green and dark-purple, due to following:
1. Base coat and gel polish are not compatible
Gel polishes, as well as all gel nail products, perform the best if used in combination with base coats of the same manufacturer (brand). It is recommended to use Galaxy Base Coat or Galaxy Rubber base with Galaxy gel polishes.
2. Too short curing time
Galaxy gel polished can be cured in UV or LED/UV nail lamps, of minimum 36 W power. Optimum curing time in LED/UV lamp is 30 seconds, and in UV lamp 2 minutes. In case the curing time is shorter than recommended, color might not cure properly, which results in chipping, lifting and gel polish crinkling, and sometimes even in natural nail damage.
3. Color applied in one thick coat
Too thick coat of gel polish may result in color "crinkling" during or after curing the gel polish. To get the most vivid appearance of shades on the nail, it is necessary to apply gel polish in two thin and even coats, while curing each coat in adequate nail lamp full curing time.


  • Why do some polish colors differ from their appearance in person? 

We always try to present all the gel polish colors as true to their real color as we can. Due to different devices and display calibration, the color on your device may slightly differ from the real color. Similarly, due to different printing techniques used, it can happen that color on the printed label may slightly differ from the real color of polish.


  • How to remove gel polish? 

For gel polish removal, it is necessary to use adequate tools and products, in the following manner:
1. Using 190 granulation nail file, gently remove (mattify) the upper layer of top coat.
2. Soak the cotton pad with gel polish remover, place it on the nail bed and roll in aluminum foil or attach with plastic clip for gel polish removal.
3. After 10-15 minutes, remove the foil or clip and using nail removing gel polish tool gently remove color residue from the nail bed.
4. Finalize the natural nail shaping using buffer file.