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Derma Roller for Body Skin BLUSH Roller System 1.5mm

  • Code: 33153

Derma roller is used for treatments of larger body skin areas, intended for reduction of cellulite, stretch marks and fat from abdominal, thigh and gluteal areas.

It helps to reduce the visibility of severe scars, promoting skin lifting and absorption of nutrients from skincare products.

  • Skin regeneration
  • Skin tightening
  • Collagen production stimulation

Needle langth: 1.5 mm

Number of needles: 540


Maintenance: Disinfect and dry after each application and put away in the storage case.

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  • Prior to usage, disinfect and sterilize the derma roller
  • Clean the skin thoroughly
  • With gentle motions, without pressing down, roll the tool in different directions over the desires areas, no more than 10 times
  • The derma roller can be used independently or combined with skin care prodcts before and after the treatmens