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Thermostimulator Harmony TSM1000

  • Code: 06191

The appliance is fitted with:

A.    A 60' (minute) timer

B.    5 switches to individually control each radiating unit and fan   Four thermal units are fitted with a swivel joint to enable variations in distance from the hair being styled. This solutions makes it possible to use the appliance on all hair styling volumes. Turne the device ON by turning knob on the timer. A green coloured LED will light up. Upon reaching the end of the set time, the timer will automatically switch off the appliance and the green LED. Using the switches on the left it is possible to switch the individual radiating units ON or OFF selecting maximum power (position II), reduced power (position I), or OFF (position 0). A red coloured LED above each switch indicates when the individual radiating units are switched ON.  Position of control board  >>> Heating groups  >>> Controal board  >>> Time of use on different  treatments  >>>

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