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Scissors KIEPE Designer 215

  • Code: 02344

In manufacturing its products, KIEPE has a precise objective: constant research in the field of materials, finishing, ergonomic forms and production technologies to satisfy, with its products, the different personalities you express working with rofessionalism and passion for people’s beauty and health. Your talent is our inspiration, your requirements our work. Packing  >>>   Features:   Size: 5'' (13 cm) Edge: diamond sharp slide cuting Shape: Ergonomic for a very good working posture Material: Japanese steel HITACHI 440   Ice-tempered in checked atmosphere Hardness equal to 59,5 HRC Tension regulating “thin rat” screw just 1 mm high Excellent razor’s edge for slide haircuts even with dry-hair Finger Rest Laser control for a very good guaranty of the product

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  • Never use the scissors for any purpose other than cutting hair
  • Clean your scissors every day by wiping off any excess moisture and hair fragments
  • Lubricate the screw set joint on a weekly basis
  • Workthe oil into the joint by opening and closing the scissors several times
  • Wipe off any excess oil
  • Avoid dropping the scissors
  • Store in a safe and dry place

Material: Japanese steel HITACHI 440

Hardness equal to 59,5 HRC