Salon Chair Pietranera Coco' Essential

Code: 36444

Pietranera is a well-known Italian brand founded in 1956, which produces equipment and furniture for hairdressing and barbershops. Rich tradition, constant progress and the introduction of new technologies have brought this brand to the leading position of the highest quality manufacturers of salon equipment and furniture. Very popular luxury pieces of furniture are intended for everyone who wants quality, durability and authenticity. You can design each piece of furniture according to your taste and needs, giving it a personal touch.

Model: Coco' Essential


Coco' Essential pushes the boundaries of comfort and convenience, special design, provides clients with maximum comfort during the treatment. Made of high-quality, carefully selected materials that guarantee quality. It has a unique "bevelled" shape with exceptional functionality and is made according to the principles of the latest Italian technology.

Available in various color combinations, base shapes and hydraulic types.


NOTE: In our offer you can find various models of Pietranera hairdressing chairs, with the possibility of choosing designs and accessories. For all information about models and possible accessories, create an inquiry. Leave your information (name and surname, contact phone and email address) and a message if you have additional questions. We will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with all the necessary information. You can see the models in our showroom in Novi Sad.

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Upholstery color Basic

Skai Collection Special


Base color (disc and square)



You can adjust the hairdressing chair according to your wishes and needs and choose additional equipment, which will enrich your offer to clients.



Possibility to choose the color of the upholstery:

  • Basic color line with smooth texture.
  • Special color line with embossed texture.


Possible accessories (with extra charge):

  • Base shape: star or disk;
  • Color base (disc);
  • Type of hydraulics;
  • Footrest;
  • Base in gold color (disc);
  • Personalized logo.


Chair dimensions:

  • Height min. 46 cm;
  • Height max. 61.5 cm;
  • Length: 67 cm;
  • Width: 57 cm;
  • Backrest height: 38 cm;
  • Load capacity: 130 kg.


Two year warranty on mechanical parts.


Product name: Hairdressing chair
Quantity: 1 pc
Country of origin: Italy
Importer for Serbia: Alexandar DOO Novi Sad

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