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From each ONLINE order created in October, we are donating 50RSD to the Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia.


Noni Whitening & Moisturizing Hand Mask YOURSMART 2psc

  • Code: 33350

It is of the complex whitening and moisturizing formulation of a brand new upgrading, having an anti-fatigue and reactivating function, and make the overwork and fatigued skin to be dim, rough, lose and undynamic regain the repairing and revitalizing power. When moistening the skin, it awakens the regeneration of the elastic fiber and the collagen of the skin itself and provides the rich nourishing and regulating factors, to make the skin tender and plum and improve the rough endoplasmic of the old fiber cells of the skin, presenting exuberant hands full of elasticity to be envyingly refined, whiten, smooth and tender.


Morinda Citnfoilia: Noni is a unique natural plant species in Tahiti Islands, a territory of France located at the heart of the Pacific Ocean, rich in the multivitamin, mineral substance, microelement and bioflavonoid, able to rebuild the collagen fiber structure and effectively remove the free radical and anti-aging, the antioxidation effect of noni is 80 times than the vitamin C and 4 times that of the pure grape seed power.


a-lipoic acid: Both the water solubility and lipid solubility, the skin absorption rate is extremely high and it can also strengthen the metabolism and make the regeneration of VC, VE, GSH in the cell and coenzyme Q10 as well as remove the reactive oxygen species causing the skin senescence. It also participates in the energy release of recover the cells vitality and be an effectively skin protection barrier. Another imortant feature of the lipoic acid is that it can effectively chelate the poisonous metal ions (such as the mercury, lead, aluminium and cadmium), therefore to help the body to eliminate them out.

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1.Clean your hands and put on the hand mask ;

2.Slightly press the outer layer of the mask with your hands to make your hands get in close contact with the essence;

3.Apply for about 20-30 minutes, during which both hands rub twice or three times to increase penetrating;

4.Clean your hands with the clean water and softly clap your hands to absorb the essence naturally.

Water, Decaglyceryl, Morinda Citnfolia, provitamin B5, vitamin B3, Olive Oil, Lipoic Acid, Oat Beta-Glucan, Vitamin E, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Polyacrylate polymer, Phytosterol, Yeast Extract, Vitamin C ethyl ether, Dextran ( and ) six Peptide-2, Poly-p y- glutamic and Methylisothiazolinone.