Multifunctional Treatment Table LEMI Versus

Code: 36493

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A multifunctional spa bed that combines practicality of use and comfort. Thanks to the innovative mattress with HBS Anti Stress System, Versus guarantees maximum guest and operator comfort.


Equipped with three autonomous height, backrest and leg adjustments. Ideal for massages, face and body treatments, hair removal, treatments with aestetic equipment.

Adjust the model to your desires and needs:




Base color:

Mattress color:

Let your clients try the lemi experience, a real multisensory welness experience customized according to their own needs and tastes. Thanks to the latest up-to-date technologies integrated into the Lemi beds, fragrances, colors, sounds and feelings on your skin can be selected and mixed up to create a unique treatments and make your offer even more exclusive.


Choose the color of the:

  • Mattress;
  • Base.

Accessories upon reques:

  • Oil-resistant mattress protection;
  • Luxory "Dreamsoft" cover;
  • Rotating Evo armrest couple;
  • Color therapy;
  • Bluetooth sound system;
  • Handset control with memories;
  • Roll Holder;
  • Heating system;
  • Luxury towel;
  • Easy move System;
  • Aromatherapy powered by Camille;
  • Vario Led lamp;
  • Clamp for Vario Led Flex lamp;
  • Perfumed pearls for Kita Aroma Spa;
  • Plastic leg protection;
  • Disposable EVO Headrest cover (pack 100pcs.);
  • Customized mattress with logo.


NOTE: Choose the desired color of the base and the mattress, as well as the accessories you are interested in and create a request. Fill out the form (name and surname, contact phone and email address) and leave a message if you have any additional questions. We will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with all the necessary information regarding this model.



Lemi guarantees a full 2 year warranty on all electrical parts of the product.
Lemi grants a complete 5 year guarantee on the mattress padding.
Lemi guarantees a complete 10 year guarantee on all metal parts of the product.


Product name: Cosmetic Bed
Type/model: Versus
Quantity: 1 pc
Made in Italy
Importer for Serbia: Alexandar DOO Novi Sad



The bed is equipped with a fully electric adjustment. It can be electrically adjusted by means of a pedal or push-button panel The height, legs and backrest bringing the bed from a totally horizontal position to a maximum inclination of 72 ° ± 2 °. The adjustment of the legs allows the client's knees to be raised, reaching an optimal relaxation position.



The table has two armrests that are fully adjustable by means of a gas spring and an inclination-adjustable headrest, equipped with a face hole with removable pad. This system is called the "HBS (Head Back Shoulder) Stress Relief System" and offers perfect ergonomics for the head, back and shoulders. It lowers the arms aligning the spine and opening the scapula for a deeper, more therapeutic massage experience.



The Versus table is equipped with a standard foot pedal with Syncro function that allows you to simultaneously move the seat and leg-rest together with the backrest. This practical function adjusts the bed automatically bringing it from the flat to the relaxing position in a few seconds.

Alexandar Cosmetics



  • 3 electric motors for height, backrest and legrest adjustment;
  • The HBS Stress Relief System provides perfect ergonomics for the client’s head, back and shoulders;
  • Mattress customizable by thickness and width upon request;
  • Fire resistant covering, “Azo” free, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal;
  • Standard pedal control SYNCRO function;
  • Multifunctional solution, maximum client/operator comfort;
  • AUT function: automatic return from any position to zero position (flat and minimum height);
  • END function: “End of treatment” position.


  • Weight: ~115 kg;
  • Dimensions: 202 cm × 74 cm × 62/92 cm;
  • Maximum capacity: 200 kg.

The innovative Spa Prestige and Nefos materials and their special finishing touch guarantee easy-cleaning and hygiene. Their extraordinary structural qualities will persist through the years. An incredibly elastic texture enhances the memory foam mattress softness and quality at its best, giving Spa Clients a complete and satisfying wellness experience.


  • S - 74 cm / 29’’ - STANDARD MODEL;
  • M - 82 cm / 32,2’’; 
  • L - 90 cm / 35,4’’.


  • COMFORT - 9 CM / 3,5’’ (Mattress with high density foam for energic massages);
  • EXTRA COMFORT - 12 CM / 4,7’’ (Comfortable mattress for relax massages) - STANDARD MODEL;
  • SUPER SOFT - 15 CM / 6’’ with Memory Foam (Super soft mattress with memory foam, available ONLY for 74 cm /29’’ and 82 cm /32,2’’ width).