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Milk for Cleaning Natural Leather BARWA Perfect House 480ml

  • Code: 34133

Professional milk for the care and cleaning of natural and synthetic leather.

Dedicated to leather, the milk can be used to clean car upholstery, leather goods and furniture - it has a pleasant, perfumy scent that lingers in the room.

The milk gives the cleaned materials elasticity, smoothes and polishes. Thanks to unique ingredients, it protects the skin against dust deposition, cracking and other damage, extending its life, refreshing the color and giving it a beautiful look.

Perfect House Leather cleaning and care milk is recommended for:

  • natural grain leather, smooth, matte
  • synthetic leathers such as: eco-leather, artificial leather
  • leather furniture
  • car upholstery
  • leather goods such as jackets, handbags and shoes

Made in Poland.



Note: The product is not suitable for nubuck, suede, velor and other types of rough leather.

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  • Spray the liquid directly on the surface and then wipe it with a soft cloth
  • Always test the preparation in an inconspicuous place before the first use. If after 10 minutes there are no changes or discoloration, you can safely use this preparation

<5% non-ionic surfactants, <5% wax emulsion, preservatives (Benzisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Laurylamine Dipropylenediamine), fragrance.