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Human Hair Bulk INFINITY 50-55cm

  • Code: 32842

Indian 100% natural hair for variety of extension techniques. High quality of each lock of hair, as well as firmness and durability, allow it to blend seamlessly with natural hair.

High quality of each lock of hair, as well as firmness and durability, allow it to blend seamlessly with natural hair.
The original packaging of the hair (in bulks) allows the technician to choose the thickness of the hair strands during extension process.


The quality and extension type enable for easy application and removal, without damaging the natural hair strands. Using optimum treatments with adequate products and combing with the hair extension brush, the extensions last for a long time, up to 4-5 months, does not tangle and is easy to maintain.

  • The packaging contains 110 g
  • 50/55cm hair in bulk

Note: Due to different devices and monitor calibration, the color you see on your device may not match the actual shade.

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  • Hair extensions for professional use only
  • Hair extensions process is performed on clean, dry and blow-dried hair, without the use of additional hair products after using the shampoo
  • If the hair is dirty or greasy, there is a possibility that the link between natural and upgraded hair is not firm, and that it will start to "fall out" with time. This primarily applies keratin extensions. After application of first five keratin hair extension strands,  it is necessary to wait 20-30 minutes to determine whether the keratin meets the needed quality
  • The bulk hair can also be applied with micro-rings or by sewing on the weft
  • Hair extensions should be maintained with adequate hair products, in accordance with the instructions of a professional (hairdresser or seller)
  • Maintaining hair extensions is essential for their longevity
  • Since hair using for extensions is not "alive", it requires daily maintenance and detangling (if there are knots or the hair gets detangled, it is considered to be the result of  inadequate maintenance)
  • Washing hair extensions must be performed using the specific technique
  • When the hair is in its natural fall, it is washed by moving fingers in one direction, without creasing or rubbing
  • It is obligatory to hydrate the hair with adequate hair products, i.e. to apply masks or balms 2-5 cm from the hair root and rinse while the hair is in its natural fall, from the scalp to the ends