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Hair Extension HAIRDO Length & Volume

  • Code: 28685

Hair Extension HAIRDO Length & Volume

  • Code: 28685

HairDo wigs are easy way for style change, with no need for cutting or colouring the hair. Wig strands are made out of Tru2Life thermal resistant synthetic fibers, made in Japan. Main feature of these fibers is that they can be styled using heat devices (straightener, hair dryer, curling iron) up to 180°C.
While styling the wig, use hair brush for extensions or create the look using only fingers. For easier detangling of the fibers, small amount of conditioner will suffice.
During straightening process, start at least 2 cm away from the root.

Packaging contains:

  • Wig - made out of thermal resistant synthetic fibers
  • Nylon cap - for fixing the wig and covering up the natural hair ends

Length: 32/38cm

Color: Platinum Beige Blonde

  • Remove the hair net from the wig
  • Gently shake the wig in order to separate the fibers
  • In case the wig is applied onto long hair, it is necessary to attach it
    using bobby pins, to achieve even width from each side and to properly put the wig onto the hair
  • Elastic nylon cap for wigs helps cover up the natural hair ends and
    provides for better grip of the wig
  • Place the front part of the wig at the natural front hairline and pull on, so
    that the back of the wig is placed at the nape
  • Adjust wig position by sliding it from front to back or side to side.
  • In case the ends of natural hair are showing under the wig, it is recommended to use the rat tail comb to slip them in
  • Fasteners in the lower back of the wig enable user to adjust its size, for the purpose of adjusting it to the head size


  • Comb the wig using wide tooth comb, starting from the ends to the roots or detangle the fibers using fingers
  • In a bowl with cold water add small amount of neutral shampoo (without nutrients)
  • Dunk the wig in the bowl with cold water and leave it for 5 minutes
  • Do not wrinkle or twist the wig
  • Rinse the wig using cold water
  • Excess water remove with towel
  • Do not decant the fibers by twisting
  • Apply small amount of neutral conditioner (without nutrients) with no need to rinse, avoiding the roots and base
  • Dry the wig on the stand
  • It is recommended to style the wig using fingers


  • Do not leave the wig in the water longer than recommended times
  • Do not expose the wig to the high heat sources