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Foot Exfoliating Mask YOURSMART Fruits Cocktail 2pcs

  • Code: 33348

It is of a unique and upgraded foot mask formulation excluding the salicylic acid, to be mild, skin-renewing and non-irritant and heathy. The unique protease consisting of the natural plant extract can effectively disintegrate the link among the horn cells sheat peel off and eliminating the peculiar smell. In the meantime, several nourishing ingredients comprehensively repair the foot skin, to recover the perfect soft, fine and smoot feel of touch.

With the AHA of the seven fruits of the acerola, grape, strawberry, orange, pomegrante, blueberry and cranberry, it is warm and skin-renewing, whitening and exfoliting, promoting the chipping of the drying cells and the cell renewing.

The compoud of the active protease and peptase and the optimal substitute of AHA, decomposing the dead cornifin and the polypeptide and strengthening the metabolism of the corneum and midly removing the dead keratin.

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  • Shear up the seal along the dotted line
  • After cleaning and dry the feet, put on the foot mask and adjust to a close contact of the feet with the mask
  • Tear away the glue inside press the two sides and post the seal tightly
  • Put on the socs for 60-90minutes, take off  the foot mask and clean your feet with the clean water, and it is suggested to have a warm water foot bath every day later
  • After use, the part of peelin-off and whitening dead skin can be seen when having a foot bath on the third or fourth day later, which can peel off totally after seven days
  • It is suggested to use three pack continuously, one time each day, using the fourth pack and the later ones once at a weeks interval
  • The skin physiological cycle is 28 days, becouse of the individual difference, the peeling off can be early or late and more or less, dear users, please be patients to see the effect

Do not peel the skin from the feet, wait for the dead skin cells to fall off.

Water, Decaglyceryl, Butanediol, Fruits Cocktail, Ethanol, Lacitic Acid, Provitamin B5, AC protease comlex, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B3, Extracted mixture of dog rose, Sweet Violet and hibiscus, Purslane extract.