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Dual LED Lamp BMX CL-18

  • Code: 34829

A professional multi-purpose fill light for network red anchor live broadcast, beauty tattoo, tattoo eyebrows, manicures, beauty tutorial recording, portraits stills and other uses. On the basis of the function of the ring fill light: the universal adjustment is added, the direction of rotation can be arbitrarily rotated, and a set of fill light components is added at the same time, and the fill light area is wider, thereby realizing more professional no-angle photography fill light.

Applicable scenes Compared with the traditional ring and double-arm fill light on the market, it can be used in USB or mobile power supply when shooting outdoor scenes without power outlets. In the light control: DC power access mode and USB power supply mode can control the brightness, color temperature and mode of the light component through the wire switch.

The main body rotary switch can control the power switch of the left and right arm light components, and can output the USB signal to the mobile phone. To make shooting more professional and practical.


  • Adaptable bracket, double lamp style. Double top light supplement, top light + side light supplement, double side light supplement to create the effect of multi-light studio
  • High-quality imported LED lamp beads, with a soft panel, the shooting is not dazzling
  • Adjustable brightness and colour temperature (press the knob to switch the mode)
  • Lamp can rotate 360 ° lighting, hose design, free adjustment direction of light
  • Built-in mobile phone USB charging interface, USB Power Cable design is easy to get power from phone charger, power bank and USB interface
  • The hose can be bent freely, it is a good helper for beauty makeup , it is more suitable for beauty makeup, manicure, tattoo, eyebrow tattoo and other scenes

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