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Buffer Nail File IBD Diamond Halfmoon 220/280

  • Code: 04844

Professional, specially designed nail file for easy and even shaping natural nails, as well as nails in gel or acryl technique, including parts difficult to access. Created with flexible core for easier usage.


  • Length: 178 mm
  • Width: 29 mm
  • Thickness: 11 mm 
  • Granulation: 220/280
  • Color: Ash Green
  • Very fine Buffer nail file
  • Preparing natural nails for gel polish
  • Preparing natural nails and acrylic nails for polishing
  • Nail file shape: half-moon

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  • Buffing nail whit the block buffers file
  • Clean the nail surface with a dust brush
  • Apply gel polish
  • If it is a nail art or a paint is placed over the nail built in gel or acrylic
  • Clean your nail whit Cleanser
  • File the nail
  • Buffing nail whit a block of buffers file
  • Apply a colored gel or do nail art