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Automatic Curling Iron LABOR PRO Tulip Curl

  • Code: 33266

Tulip Curl is the styler that allows you to create impeccable curls and sinuous waves with extreme ease. This latest generation automatic hair curler allows you to obtain different types of curls, for a perfect hairstyle in all situations. Place the strand of hair in the slot (opening) on the device, pressing one of the two buttons (L or R) and, thanks to the automatic rotation system, in a few seconds you will have created an impeccable curl extremely safely, without the hair getting tangled up. You can decide the style of the curl by varying the direction, right or left, the temperature and the thickness of the selected lock of hair.



  • Automatic rotation system in two directions
  • Total length 26 cm
  • Length of the rod in tourmaline ceramic: 50 mm
  • Temperature adjustable to 170 °C, 200 °C and 230 °C
  • 360 ° swivel power cord
  • Weight 380 grams
  • Automatic power-off after 60 minutes of inactivity

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  • Connect the power cord to the mains supply and press the button for turning on the device
  • After switching on, the green signal light will start flashing and the device will start to warm up
  • To increase and select the desired temperature, it is necessary to press the power button again. Change of temperature will result in changing the signal lamp color  (170 ⁰C green, 200 ⁰C yellow and 230⁰C red)
  • When the device reaches desire temperature, the indicator light will stop flashing and the appliance will be ready to use
  • Holding the appliance vertically, insert a small strand of hair into the slot, starting from the roots (Do not hold the appliance horizontally)
  • Select the desired hair curling direction and press the corresponding button (L-left or R-right)
  • The indicator sound will notify that hair strand is automatically wound towards the inside of the tool
  • Hold down the button until a continuous beep, after which the curl is formed
  • Repeat the procedure for each subsequent strand
  • To switch off the device, press the activation button for a few seconds
  • Avoid getting metal parts in touch with the scalp, as this can lead to burns
  • Do not place the tool on flammable surfaces as this may cause a fire