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Air Filter AFR 2000 B

  • Code: 13223

Air filter serves to remove humidity from the air.

It is mounted on compressors, on the part intended for it.

Fits compressor models such as: AS18-2, AS18A, AS186, AS189A and AS48A.

At the bottom of the pan, there is a valve that can be opened to drain condensed water. The manometer (air pressure gauge) shows the operating pressure of the compressor.

The pressure can be adjusted using an air regulator. When the pressure regulator is raised upwards, turning to the right increases the pressure and vice versa, turning to the left reduces the pressure.


Technical characteristics:

  • Dimensions: 170 x 65 x 90 mm
  • Water collection chamber
  • A valve for draining accumulated water
  • Working pressure regulator
  • Manometer
  • Connection type: with thread
  • Connection diameter: 9 mm
  • Material: metal, plastic and rubber

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