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Air Eraser Compound BD-60 1kg

  • Code: 14210

Aluminum oxide powder is used for correcting mistakes made during painting and for removing rust from metal parts.

It is also used as the engraving powder. People used it for their hobby and manufacturers to clean the jewelry and fine surfaces, to remove extensive color, rust and corrosion, it is used for glass engraving and for creating monograms.

Lithographic experts use it to emphasize the half-tones and erase the irregularities without damaging the surface  or leaving impurities. Model-makers use it for cleaning miniature railways and equipment.

Used with the BD178 airbrush brush gun.

During operation, the use of protective equipment by technicians such as glasses, masks and gloves is mandatory.



  • Material: Aluminum oxide
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Operating pressure required: 1 - 3.5 bar

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