Acrylic Color EZFLOW 21g

Leading Lady
  • Code: 19763
Leading Lady

Acrylic Color EZFLOW 21g

Leading Lady
  • Code: 19763
690,00 RSD

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690,00 RSD


Encapsulated additives become activated and initiate the drying process when mixed with the monomer.

And, because these two elements were formulated to work together synergistically, their interaction eliminates the bubbles which make any manicure seem less than professional.

Internal pigment guarantees pure, intense pigment from the inside out, with every application.

Our powder shades are manufactured under the most demanding conditions in the business, so that every nail is perfect, every time.

Though the weather outside is frightful, low temperatures will NOT cause these powders to form annoying crystals which compromise texture integrity. Nail to nail, jar to jar, colors are precisely formulated to the highest industry standards, to ensure you the highest level of color performance.

Leading Lady

  • Properly prep the nail plate to prevent lifting
  • Apply dehidrator, let dry, and then apply primer, both will go directly on the nail plate
  • Applying the form
  • Dip your brush in the monomer and remove the excess liquid before picking up a small bead of acrylic to apply to the point where the free edge of the nail and the form, meet
  • Allow the acrylic to dry completely, you can check this by tapping the end of your brush on the nail until you hear a slight clicking sound
  • Once dry, remove the form by pinching and pulling it out from beneath the nail
    Lastly, file and shape the side walls and clean up the cuticle with an e-file before applying your favorite top coat