Online order

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to be able to use the online ordering service.

Every item within our product assortment is available for online ordering in several simple steps:


1. Registration and logging

It is necessary that you are registered and logged in Your account.

2. Item selection

Chose desired item within product menu and click on the Order button.

3. Order sending

After order completion, click on Finish and order button. Your order will be automaticaly forwarded to our sales department, and we will promptly contact You.

The products are delivered in shortest period possible, through courier services that will, in accordance with their working hours, deliver Your order using the following regulations:

- Orders received on working days until 12h are delivered the next working day.

- Orders received on working days after 12h are delivered in two working days.

- Orders received on Fridays until 12h are delivered on Saturdays.

- Orders received on Fridays after 12h and on weekends are delivered on Tuesdays.

Orders are delivered via courier service  D Express, unless different courier service is demanded during ordering process.  For order tracing, You can contact D Express Call Center : 011 331 33 33

There are two options of paying for ordered products:

On delivery, upon receiving the parcel delivered by courier service.
- Invoice through company account  (for legal persons).